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5 July 1997
War Crimes: More Indictments For Ovcara
The arrest of former Vukovar Mayor, Slavko Dokmanovic, and the connections drawn between him and the massacre of POWs from the Vukovar hospital...
31 May 1997
Attacks on Judges: Knives and Bombs
"Eight thousand people a day go into Belgrade’s Palace of Justice alone, including at least 100 lunatics"
15 February 1997
Profile: Radmila Milentijevic
28 December 1996
The OSCE in Belgrade: Awaiting the Verdict
Regimes do not collapse because they have a lots of enemies, but rather because they lack a sufficient number of friends
7 September 1996
4 June 1996
Strikes and Protests: State Misery
The only part of the public sector in Serbia that hasn't gone on strike are the police and social aid beneficiaries. The police are getting their...
26 September 1994
Crime in Belgrade
Even the most radical steps by the Serbian government won't stop the frightening rise in crime, leading criminologists predicted at this year's...
11 April 1994
Crimes in Bilje: Kt26 Kills 18 Civilians
Dusan Boljevic and his wife Jagoda have been in prison for two years on charges of murdering 18 respectable nonSerb civilians in Bilje, near Osijek
29 November 1993
Mental Patients in Serbia: Back To The Middle Ages
Mental patients are most often the first to be affected by a social catastrophe. Unable to articulate their right to basic living conditions, let...
18 May 1992
We Built Them - We Can Demolish Them
The cities are being destroyed by scum, Mafias of every nationality which someone is paying. They are primitive, with no respect for the...
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