24 April 2018
Russia Claims Anti-Terror Success in Dagestan

Local authorities are also widening probe into corruption in the capital and other cities.

23 April 2018
Russia Plays Cat and Mouse With Telegram

Google, Apple, Amazon could be roped in as Moscow tries to enforce a shutdown of the popular app.

19 April 2018
A Likely Story: Russia Urges Foreign-Based Students to Come Home

Government agency launches program aimed at students in Britain and other "unfriendly countries."

17 April 2018
Doubts Raised Over Russian Journalist’s Death

Authorities are not treating Maxim Borodin’s death as a crime, although colleagues say the young reporter’s stories about local mercenaries might have hit a nerve.

13 April 2018
Infighting Hits Opposition Camp as Moscow Mayoral Campaign Opens

Two liberals are fighting for the chance to oust Kremlin man Sobyanin from one of Russia’s most powerful elected posts.

11 April 2018
Merkel Gives Ground on Nord Stream 2

Berlin has until now stressed the pipeline’s commercial advantages, but can no longer ignore the swelling chorus of discontent.

10 April 2018
Latest U.S. Sanctions Take Aim at Russian Oligarchs

Russian stocks plunge as investors react to a stinging new round of economic measures.

10 April 2018
Russia Turns Screws on Popular Messaging App

Saying user messages are sacrosanct, Telegram is refusing to give the authorities back-door access to accounts.

6 April 2018
Lessons Learned from RuNet

Tracking Russian online interference teaches valuable lessons on improving news quality. From Global Voices.

By Ivan Sigal
5 April 2018
A Moscow Apartment House, Possessed by History
Czarist tycoons, revolutionary artists, and Soviet squatters all feature in Russian scholar Dmitry Oparin’s new book.
By Vladimir Kozolov


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