30 November 2018
Opening the Samizdat Time Capsule

The year 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of Central and Eastern European countries escaping the socio-political and cultural monopoly created by Marxism-Leninism, as shown by the underground publications of the era.

By Peter Gross
26 November 2018
Unfinished Romanian Mega-Cathedral Is Inaugurated

Costly People’s Salvation Cathedral is the tallest Orthodox cathedral in the world.

21 November 2018
Cool Hands in the Delta

In his most recent documentary, ‘Delta,’ director Oleksandr Techynskyi tiptoes through the icy and dangerous waters of the Ukrainian Danube. From Decat o Revista, a quarterly magazine publishing narrative nonfiction from Romania.

By Gabriela Piturlea
20 November 2018
Romanian Cabinet Ministers Bounced as EU Presidency Nears Premium

Justice commissioner visits Bucharest to drive home serious concerns over government’s steps to blur the separation of powers.

12 November 2018
OCCRP Stands by Romanian Media Outlet Forced to Reveal Investigation Sources Premium

Romanian Data Protection Authority orders RISE Project to disclose sources in investigation targeting group close to Social Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea.

26 October 2018
Romanian High Court Hobbles Legal Reforms Premium
Although meant to bring legal procedures in line with EU norms, critics say changes would hamstring the fight against corruption.
16 October 2018
Romanian Prosecutors Baffled by Government Restrictions Premium

Many younger prosecutors face being thrown off of major corruption cases.

1 October 2018
How to Save Liberal Europe Premium

There are a lot of good ideas floating around, but how to find the politicians to turn them into real-life policies?

By Martin Ehl
24 September 2018
Despite Scandals, Romanian Social Democrats Stick By Party Leader Premium

Dragnea gets upper hand over faction asking him to step down, says amnesty is needed ‘after such a dark period.’

24 September 2018
Once More Into the Breach

The return of Radio Free Europe to Romania and Bulgaria is as clear a sign as any that the media situation hasn’t developed as many hoped.

By Peter Gross


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