Bosnia and Herzegovina

21 May 2019
The Balkan Migrant Trap Premium
Thousands of rejected asylum seekers are in limbo in non-EU Balkan countries, unwilling players in a game of international hot potato.
By Rose Joy Smith
26 April 2019
Bosnian Serbs Mourn Businessman Who Stood Up to the System Premium

Security firm owner and foe of Serb leader Dodik died in an apparent contract killing.

25 April 2019
Balkan ISIS Families Trapped in Syrian Camps Premium

Kosovo brings home 110 women and children but dozens more may be stuck in limbo.

19 March 2019
Long-Distance Hatred: How the NZ Massacre Echoed Balkan War Crimes Premium
It was no mere coincidence that the terrorist behind last week's attack on two mosques in New Zealand made explicit references to the Bosnian Serb leaders and the Bosnian War.
By Hariz Halilovich
11 March 2019
Bosnia Faces Dilemma Over Women and Children Returnees From Iraq and Syria Premium
Widows of ISIS fighter are stuck between a rock and a hard place as Bosnian state has no deradicalization programs, while their children are stateless.
14 February 2019
Bulgaria Blocks Transfers of Venezuelan Oil Money Premium
Balkan countries are being drawn into the deepening row between U.S. allies and Nicolas Maduro’s regime.
8 February 2019
Bosnian Serbs Reopen Srebrenica Probes Premium

The question of responsibility for the greatest atrocity of the Yugoslav wars remains open in the minds of some Serbs.

7 December 2018
Bosnia Faces Decision on NATO Pre-Membership Plan Premium

Expected opposition from Bosnian Serbs could further erode the country’s fragile political balance.

12 October 2018
Bosniak Wartime General Charged Over Massacre of Serbs Premium

Atif Dudakovic and 16 other former soldiers stand accused of killing elderly civilians, destroying Orthodox churches during the 1992-95 conflict. 

8 October 2018
Serb Nationalist Dodik Elected to Bosnian Presidency Premium

Promising to serve only Serb interests, the hardliner could further undermine the country’s fragile multi-ethnic system.




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