10 January 2017
Cyberattacks Raise Concerns Over Russian Meddling in Montenegro

The small Balkan state could get the green light for NATO entry within weeks, a step Moscow fiercely opposes.


22 November 2016
Blame Game Continues as Montenegro Reveals Names of Two Coup Plotters Premium

New evidence and statements from the prosecution continue to point fingers in Russia's direction for an alleged coup attempt.

18 November 2016
Op-Ed: Promises Waiting To Be Broken Premium

Now is the time for southeast Europe to start an inclusive and just transition away from lignite, argues new research.

By Pippa Gallop
7 November 2016
Russia Denies Role in Plot Against Montenegrin Premier Premium

Podgorica says ‘Russian nationalists’ masterminded an election day conspiracy aimed at removing the pro-Western prime minister.

1 November 2016
Conspiracy Rumors Swirl in Balkans Premium

Days after Montenegrin leader claims Serbs may have plotted against his government, weapons are found near Serbian prime minister’s home.

26 October 2016
Montenegro PM Resigns, Points Finger at Russia Premium

Djukanovic decides to leave in the midst of accusations that Moscow was involved in alleged election day coup attempt.

19 October 2016
Montenegro Opposition Disputes Election Results Premium

Opposition parties are trying to form a coalition to send long-serving PM Djukanovic into political retirement. 

17 October 2016
Near Win for Pro-Western Party in Montenegro Premium

But in a race billed by some as East vs. West, prime minister’s party comes up short of a majority and must negotiate to form coalition. 

18 August 2016
Archeologists Unearth Illyrian Palace in Montenegro Premium

New discovery marks a breakthrough in the understanding of ancient Illyrian civilization.

12 August 2016
Balkan Officials Defend Questionable Arms Exports Premium

Montenegro pledges to halt the trade if evidence emerges of Saudi-bound weapons being diverted to Syrian militias.




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