Czech Republic

11 May 2018
Where Have All the Tex-Czechs Gone? Premium

One of the last bastions of the Moravian community in Texas may be nearing its end.

7 May 2018
Czech President, Premier Clash Over Novichok Premium

Powerful nerve agent produced in a Czech lab not the same as that used in Skripal poisoning, Czech officials say.

19 April 2018
A Rum Day for Central European Drinkers Premium

Suspected cancer-causing substance in Czech booze is also found in baby food and coffee.

12 April 2018
The Battle for Czech Public Media
Amid attacks on public television and radio, outcome rests with Prime Minister Andrej Babis. From the International Press Institute.
By Michal Musil
12 April 2018
EU to Ban Dual-Quality Food Premium

Commission bows to pressure from the east to end the practice, which food giants say simply reflects different consumer preferences.

11 April 2018
Czech, Hungarian Leaders Continue Efforts to Portray Press as Enemy
Despite murdered journalist, verbal attacks on media continue in Central Europe. From the International Press Institute.
By Benjamin Cunningham
28 March 2018
Lies By Email
Disinformation before the election was written and spread by doctors, lawyers, pensioners, and farmers. From Czech Radio.

Disinformation before the election was written and spread by doctors, lawyers, pensioners, and farmers. From Czech Radio.

By Ondrej Golis
28 March 2018
The Disinformation Conundrum Premium

Despite expectations, fake news appears to have played a relatively minor role during the recent Czech presidential elections. But that doesn’t mean the popularity of such “alternative” sites should be ignored or the reasons why so many Czechs are willing to take the bait.

By Jonas Syrovatka
28 March 2018
When the Disinformed Get Violent

A Czech senior citizen, allegedly a fanatical supporter of an ultra-right party known for spreading disinformation, has been charged with causing train crashes in order to blame them on Islamic terrorists. From

By Zdenek Rysavy
26 March 2018
Talk of ‘Czexit’ Rattles Czech Companies, Study Shows Premium

Though still a longshot, the Czech Republic’s possible break with the EU would apparently find support among a good chunk of society.



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