Czech Republic

30 November 2018
Opening the Samizdat Time Capsule Premium

The year 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of Central and Eastern European countries escaping the socio-political and cultural monopoly created by Marxism-Leninism, as shown by the underground publications of the era.

By Peter Gross
26 November 2018
Captive Breeding’s Dark Side

Disturbing Czech discovery of trafficked tiger body parts highlights illegal trade in exotic wildlife. From The Conversation.

By Marianna Szczygielska
23 November 2018
Czechs Must Learn to Save Water, Scientists Warn Premium

Record low river and groundwater levels persist, but drinking water supplies are sufficient for now.

13 November 2018
Czech Pirates Seize Control of Capital Premium

The party has moved on from its anarchist beginnings to embrace old-fashioned political deal-making.

7 November 2018
A Centenary to Celebrate ... Or Not? Premium

One hundred years since the end of World War I is an ambiguous anniversary for many in Central Europe, where statehood and identity have long been subject to integration or empire.

By Martin Ehl
2 November 2018
Czech PM Babis Joins Opposition to UN Migration Pact Premium

Centrist Czech government aligns with right-wing Central European critics of the non-binding agreement.

23 October 2018
A Sporting Chance Premium
A soccer team for Roma kids in the Czech town of Neratovice has boosted school attendance and given the players a wider field of play.
By Melanie Ritchot
23 October 2018
In Poland, Dieselgate Is Just Starting Premium
The EU’s Central and Eastern European members are still hungry for old, dirty diesel cars even as many European cities gear up to ban them.
18 October 2018
A Crisis of Liberal Democracy? Not on the Local Level Premium

Local elections in the Czech Republic and Poland demonstrate that not all is lost.

By Martin Ehl
4 October 2018
The Nation State is Obsolete

The hundreds of hackers gathering in Prague this week will see firsthand how the city’s crypto-anarchists are building a new social order, and how their movement is growing.

By Wasse Jonkhans


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