Central Asia

18 April 2019
Gazprom Ends Boycott of Turkmen Gas Premium

Though modest, the deal brings a rare ray of hope for Turkmenistan’s shrinking state finances.

16 April 2019
Confusion in Bishkek as President’s Rival Cancels Homecoming Premium

Omurbek Babanov earlier said he would address supporters in mass rally despite the charges against him.

Abdulaziz Kamilov
8 April 2019
Uzbekistan Offers to Host Afghan Peace Talks Premium

Both Kabul and the Taliban appreciate Tashkent’s quiet diplomacy, but peace talks still seem a distant prospect.

25 March 2019
Kazakhstan’s Capital Renamed in Honor of Nazarbaev Premium
Former leader’s daughter appointed to high post one step away from the presidency.
22 March 2019
Fractured Friendship

Thirty years on from the end of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, war veterans have to deal with contemporary conflicts in their search for friendship and recognition. From openDemocracy.

By Markus Goransson
21 March 2019
Taliban Releases Afghan Fighters Captured on Turkmen Border Premium

One hundred Afghan troops reportedly fled into Turkmenistan as militants delivered a major blow.




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