Central Asia

22 September 2010
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters Premium

In Tajikistan, the Aga Khan’s philanthropy and investment has raised hospitals, hotels, colleges, crops – and in some quarters, suspicion. Fifth in a series.

By Sarvinoz Akram
21 September 2010
Out of the Classroom, Into the Fields Premium
One brave activist shows that after years of public shaming and wan denials, Uzbekistan is still sending its children into the cotton fields.
By BBC Monitoring
15 September 2010
Nationalist Card in Play as Kyrgyzstan Looks Ahead to Elections
The Kyrgyz president urges parties not to politicize ethnic issues ahead of the 10 October parliamentary elections. From EurasiaNet.
By Ulan Temirov
13 September 2010
Social Security in Central Asia

Islam has come back to Central Asia in part because it fills people’s basic needs. If the region’s governments did the same, they might not need fear extremists.

By Abdujalil Abdurasulov
7 September 2010
Unofficial Dual-Exchange System Stifles Uzbek Entrepreneurs

Uzbek officials tolerate the black market in dollars, benefitting themselves but harming the economy as a whole.

By EurasiaNet

27 August 2010
Killing the Future Premium

As a new school year opens, students in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are in for more bitter lessons in propaganda, corruption, and time-wasting.

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