Central Asia

12 October 2010
The Canvas Schoolhouse

Their school destroyed in the June pogroms, hundreds of Uzbek children in southern Kyrgyzstan will study in tents this fall.

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By Bakyt Ibraimov and Talant Sadykov
8 October 2010
Kyrgyz Democracy’s Narrowing Window of Opportunity Premium
On 10 October Kyrgyzstan will elect a new parliament on a new constitutional basis. There may not be many more opportunities for the country to pull out of the cycle of violent regime change.
By Bakyt Beshimov
6 October 2010
Political Instability Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

An amnesty offer for financial miscreants in Kyrgyzstan gets almost no takers. From EurasiaNet.

By Deirdre Tynan
1 October 2010
Tajikistan’s Cryptic Violence Premium

Gunfire in a former opposition stronghold, and flimsy explanations from the government, have led to another round of tea-leaf reading.

Kyrgyz-Uzbek border
29 September 2010
‘Please Remember That You Live in Kyrgyzstan’ Premium

A Kyrgyz party leader says if elected on 10 October he will strengthen ties with Russia and insist that all ethnic groups respect the majority’s traditions, language, and history.

By BBC Monitoring



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