Central Asia

26 January 2011
Destructive Engagement Premium

The EU’s overtures to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan could be making the human rights situations there worse, not better.

By Veronika Szente Goldston
25 January 2011
Lots of Conclusions, Not Much Evidence

Bishkek’s report on the June violence misses an opportunity to ask the most important questions. From openDemocracy.

By Madeleine Reeves

14 January 2011
The Show Must Go On Premium
An Uzbek neighborhood in Osh tries to foster a sense of normality for local children after a traumatic year. Last in a series.
By Usman Khakimov
Osh, June 2010
13 January 2011
No Man’s Land Premium

Ethnic Uzbeks in Osh fear losing their homes and land whether to vigilante posses or legal maneuvers. Second in a series.

By Temir Akmatov
12 January 2011
Property Defenders

As Osh residents continue to flee the city, women are often those who stay behind to safeguard family homes. First in a series.

By Gulayim Myrzaeva



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