Southeastern Europe

14 May 2008
In Her Own Words Premium
An excerpt from former Yugoslav war-crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s controversial memoir.
By Carla Del Ponte and Chuck Sudetic
13 May 2008
In Perfect Harmony Premium
An interreligious choir reminds Bosnians that the country’s differences need not preclude unity.
By Armela Subasic and Amela Bulja
Decade of Roma Inclusion photo contest
12 May 2008
Health Checkup Needed Premium
An ambitious effort to – finally – improve the health of Roma runs aground in Serbia and Macedonia.
By Shejla Fidani and Goran Jovanovic
Dmitry Medvedev
12 May 2008
The Politics of Faith Premium
The Eastern Orthodox Church finds common ground in challenging ‘western’ policies.
By Daniel Jianu
Serbian youth voter registration drive
9 May 2008
Changin’ Times Premium
The youth vote in this weekend’s Serbian elections could make a difference.
By Igor Jovanovic
9 May 2008
No More Back-Seat Driving Premium
They might not like where Serbia is headed, but outsiders should stop trying to grab the steering wheel.



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