Southeastern Europe

20 May 2008
Студенты против реформ
Студенты Хорватии выступают против реформ в сфере образования и находят поддержку.
By Ивана Баре
UN photo
14 May 2008
Memoirs of a Snake Hunter Premium
Beyond the hints of horrific organ trafficking, Carla Del Ponte’s memoirs reveal her true mettle as a prosecutor.
By Christophe Solioz
14 May 2008
In Her Own Words Premium
An excerpt from former Yugoslav war-crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s controversial memoir.
By Carla Del Ponte and Chuck Sudetic
13 May 2008
In Perfect Harmony Premium
An interreligious choir reminds Bosnians that the country’s differences need not preclude unity.
By Armela Subasic and Amela Bulja
Decade of Roma Inclusion photo contest
12 May 2008
Health Checkup Needed Premium
An ambitious effort to – finally – improve the health of Roma runs aground in Serbia and Macedonia.
By Shejla Fidani and Goran Jovanovic


We would like to invite you to meet Kathryn Thier, a recognized expert and instructor of Solutions Journalism from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.


Join us to learn more about the connections between investigative reporting and Solutions Journalism and discover the impact that bringing the “whole” story has on communities. Kathryn’s keynote speech will be followed by a panel discussion on bringing the solutions perspective into reporting practices with Nikita Poljakov, deputy editor in chief of the business daily Hospodářské noviny. Nikita is also head of the project “Nejsi sám” (You are not alone), which uses the solutions approach to tackle the issue of male suicide. The main program will be followed by an informal wine reception. 


The event will take place on Monday, 25 March at 5 p.m. in the Hollar building of the Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences (Smetanovo nábřeží 6, Praha 1). The event will be in English. 


Attendance is free upon registration - please, fill in the registration form.


Feel free to check out and share the event on Facebook.






Moldovan diaries

The Moldovan Diaries is a multimedia, interactive examination of the country's ethnic, religious, social and political identities by Paolo Paterlini and Cesare De Giglio.

This innovative approach to story telling gives voice to ordinary people and takes the reader on the virtual trip across Moldovan rural and urban landscapes. 

It is a unique and intimate map of the nation.

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