Southeastern Europe

22 July 2019
Tough Transition in Turkey
A transman has been thrown out of female student accommodation, highlighting the barriers to transitioning in an often conservative society.
By Zeynepgul Alp
18 July 2019
Bosnian Fake News Fighters Take Heart
Knowing your foe is the first step in a campaign strategy, as a new study reveals. First in a series on disinformation in the Balkans.
By Darko Brkan
17 July 2019
Fighting Windmills
The fight against disinformation in Bulgaria is almost nonexistent, says journalist Ivan Georgiev in an interview with Global Voices.
By Metamorphosis Foundation
10 July 2019
Educated Young Turks Seeking Their Future Abroad

Turkey is seeing a brain drain driven by more than just rising unemployment.

By Cagri Sari
4 July 2019
Super-Nova Explosion Blasts Bulgarian Media Universe

Local investors gain control of a huge media conglomerate, raising questions about their cozy ties with the ruling party.

By Milka Stoycheva
26 June 2019
Albania’s Vote of No Confidence

Battered by more damaging wiretaps, Prime Minister Rama admits his country is not ready to join the EU.

By Ky Krauthamer



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