Central Europe & Baltics

Katerina Safarikova
23 June 2010
The Choice Facing Iveta and Petr Premium

The Slovaks and the Czechs each face their biggest test of will since joining the EU.

By Katerina Safarikova
21 June 2010
A President for Half of Poland? Premium

In between rounds of the Polish presidential election, we take a backward glance at a turning point in the country’s modern history.

By Aleksander Smolar
18 June 2010
Pulling Their Punches Premium

In the shadow of the Smolensk plane crash, the  top contenders in Poland’s presidential race  have had to make up a new set of rules.

By Wojciech Kosc
17 June 2010
Signs of the Times Premium
TOL slide show: Young Praguers put their political views in writing for a visiting photographer.
By Alla Maximova
11 June 2010
Women and the (Male) Body Politic Premium

Women are climbing the ladder to influence in post-communist parliaments. But far too slowly.

11 June 2010
Four Jokers Lead the Pack Premium
A somewhat tongue-in-cheek analysis of the campaign promises made by four leading Slovak parties ahead of the 12 June elections.
By Rado Bato



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