Central Europe & Baltics

26 July 2010
Swan Song of a Loyal Public Servant?
The Czech public service broadcaster has been a model for its peers. But politics may kill it.
By Marius Dragomir
23 July 2010
The Maker of a Modern Magyar City Premium

Jozsef Finta, one of the creators of contemporary Budapest, has been called many things. Timid is not one of them.

By Peter Murphy
21 July 2010
Underwater Adventures and Other Summer Fun in Hungary Premium

You could put it down to sunstroke, but, no, for Hungarians, credulous paranoia is a year-round affliction.

By Balint Szlanko
20 July 2010
Poles Apart

TOL slide show: Polish cities large and small grapple with the challenges of revitalization that strengthens rather than separates urban communities.

By Maciej Czarnecki
19 July 2010
The Road More Traveled

In 2007, Polish officials were locked in a legal and public relations battle with environmentalists and the EU over a highway near the Lithuanian border.

By Renate Zoeller
9 July 2010
A Dose of Common Sense in the Center Premium

All may not be well in Central Europe, but the prospects for change and reform look a lot better than they did just a few months ago.




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