Central Europe & Baltics

1 September 2010
A Silence Broken by Horrible Explosions Premium
Not enough of us, either Roma or white, are talking honestly about the Roma issue, with deadly consequences.
By Martin Ehl
26 August 2010
An Old Crime, Uncovered Premium
The discovery of a mass grave in the Czech countryside prompts a rethink of the early postwar years.
By Lubos Palata
23 August 2010
A Race to the Exit Premium

Foreign media groups are getting out of Eastern Europe in droves. They leave behind politicized and struggling outlets.

By Marius Dragomir
18 August 2010
No Place for Heroes Premium

The Czechs are asked to weigh the price of freedom, and the answers so far are surprising.

By Katerina Safarikova
6 August 2010
Home of the Booze Premium

TOL audio slide show: A supposedly liberalizing law on private production of Hungary’s national drink hasn’t convinced many home distillers to go straight.

By Anita Komuves



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