Central Europe & Baltics

14 September 2010
Giving Ground Premium

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, new technologies that make charity as easy as reaching for your mobile are replacing Western aid as a key philanthropic engine. Second in a series.

By Lucie Kavanova

9 September 2010
Sign Up, Sign Up!

Although private higher education is flourishing in Poland, demographics and the dodgy methods some schools use to attract students may soon put the brakes on the boom.

русская версия


By Wojciech Kosc
6 September 2010
Hostile Takeover Premium
Latvia’s crusading newspaper is sold for the second time in a year, this time into possibly unfriendly hands.
By Aleks Tapinsh
Temptation of St. Tony
3 September 2010
Imagine There's No Heaven Premium

Estonian director Veiko Ounpuu challenges the global economic order with his surrealist Temptation of St. Tony.

By Theodore Schwinke
1 September 2010
A Silence Broken by Horrible Explosions Premium
Not enough of us, either Roma or white, are talking honestly about the Roma issue, with deadly consequences.
By Martin Ehl



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