Central Europe & Baltics

11 April 2011
Poland's Body Blow Premium

The Smolensk plane crash might have been a chance for rapprochement between Russia and Poland, but it was too useful as a political tool.

By Wojciech Kosc and Parker Snyder
30 March 2011
Spilled Gravy in the Lobbies of Power Premium

It’s not technically illegal for members of the European Parliament to peddle their influence for cash. And for some, it’s normal.

By Katerina Safarikova
22 March 2011
A Warsaw for Everyone

Poland’s first openly gay, popularly elected official envisions a more open, “sexy and colorful” city.

By Wojciech Kosc
18 March 2011
Passing the Book Premium
Schools catering to the Czech Republic's Romani community are producing more graduates, but are they really the answer?
By Lucie Kavanova
16 March 2011
Dishing the Dirt, or the Polish Way Premium

The smaller Central European countries could take a lesson from Warsaw’s subtler way of dealing with the American ally.

By Martin Ehl
15 March 2011
Bulking Up Premium

As other emerging markets grab the headlines, multinationals will be the key to helping Central and Eastern European economies punch above their weight.

By Sergei Korol
11 March 2011
The City Under Water Premium

For months, flooding in a small town in Hungary has been forcing some of the country's poorest families to find new homes.

By Gergely Nagy
8 March 2011
The Perils of Blowing the Whistle Premium

The Czech Republic’s most famous whistleblower talks of the corruption he uncovered at the State Environmental Fund and the fate that befell him.

By Jeremy Druker



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