Central Europe & Baltics

9 May 2011
Is Europe’s Democratic Revolution Over?

A group of leading thinkers on Central and Eastern Europe assess the state of democracy, security, and diplomacy in the region.

5 May 2011
Easter's Whipping Boys Premium
The Czech Republic's Easter festivities offer a celebration at once traditional and odd.
By Eve Bernhard and Andrew Fenwick
US jet, Manas air base
2 May 2011
The War on Terror, Year One Premium

On the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, analysts around TOL’s coverage region assessed the changes in their countries.

27 April 2011
A Slippery Slope Premium

The ruling party’s passage of a new constitution for Hungary over the objection of all the others was a practice no real democratic state would tolerate.

By Balint Szlanko
20 April 2011
An Enlightened Education Premium

A group of schools in Hungary takes a page from a Buddhist crusader to help Roma and others who need it.

By Anita Komuves
13 April 2011
What a Difference a Year Makes Premium

The grief over the plane crash that so united Poland has long been overtaken by divisive squabbles over the tragedy.

By Martin Ehl
11 April 2011
Poland's Body Blow Premium

The Smolensk plane crash might have been a chance for rapprochement between Russia and Poland, but it was too useful as a political tool.

By Wojciech Kosc and Parker Snyder



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