Central Europe & Baltics

27 June 2019
Where your Grandma’s Kitchen Belongs in a Museum

At a new exhibition on Soviet Estonia, some of the reminders of the past are “remainders” – still in use today.

By Abel Polese
26 June 2019
Foreign Ideology: Poland Populists Target LGBT Rights

Poland’s governing Law and Justice party used to get political mileage out of vilifying refugees. Now it has its sights on the LGBT community. From Reporting Democracy.

By Claudia Ciobanu
24 June 2019
Berating Babis

Largest demonstrations in Prague since the Velvet Revolution seek to remove prime minister, but that’s not likely to happen – for now. A photo essay.

By Milka Stoycheva and Katie Tiffin
18 June 2019
A Long, Slow Pour
The ongoing Czech beer week in London is part of a long-brewed plan, taking beermaking from a medieval craft to a quality niche export sector.
By Victoria Roberts
Prague demonstration Jan. 1989
13 June 2019
Between Tanks and Knitting Needles

1989 and 2019 in Prague and Beijing. From Sinopsis.

By Martin Hala



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