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Debunking Misinformation in South East Europe

The overall objective of this project is to build local capacity in the target countries to combat propaganda, disinformation and misinformation circulating in the public sphere. Donor: The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Partners: The South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM)


The project addresses a rapidly increasing presence of false information in the public sphere in the Western Balkan region.


Specific objectives of the project are:

1. To provide journalism educators with the background knowledge to understand the motivations and methods behind the spread of propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation and tools to counter them and enable them to transfer that knowledge to journalists and journalism students 

2.  To provide journalists and journalism students with skills and tools to debunk misinformation, disinformation and propaganda

3. To further the long-term integration of teaching on debunking misinformation into journalism curricula through outreach to faculty and creation of local language resources that may be used by students and lecturers


The project aims to achieve its objectives in the first instance through “training of trainers,” a series of capacity building activities aimed at equipping journalism studies lecturers and established media trainers with knowledge and skills required to effectively debunk falsehoods. The activities are designed to utilize the position of these trained educators as agents of knowledge and skill transfer. Through online learning, workshop training and exercise activities, they will work intensively within this project with a substantial number of journalism students and young journalists to embed good journalism practice when it comes to dealing with misinformation among the most vulnerable, but also most open to learning categories of media professionals. The intention is for the lecturers and media trainers to incorporate the teaching knowledge and methods from this project into their curricula and wider work with students and other trainees.


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Training of journalism educators: Debunking Misinformation in South East Europe program

Date: July 20, 2018 – July 21, 2018
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Transitions, with support from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), welcomed 19
journalism professionals from Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia,and Montenegro to learn
about debunking disinformation in South East Europe.

Participants learned from two experts in the field, Jaroslav Valuch, an expert on media literacy,
social media activism, and communication with crisis-affected populations and Aliaume Leroy,
an open source investigative journalist with the Africa Investigations unit of BBC World Service
and the Bellingcat Investigation Team.

During the two days workshop participants learned about the importance of media literacy and
how educators and trainers can encourage people young and old to look critically at the news
they consume.

Participants were also given a crash course in open source journalism investigations, learning
how to conduct advanced searches in Google, Facebook and Twitter, how to reverse image
search, work with satellite imagery, and geolocate and date photos and videos. Finally,
participants were taught what steps they can take to keep themselves and their work safe.

At the end of the workshop participants left armed with many new tools to combat
disinformation. Participant Bojana Konatar said, “Excellent! I’m very, very glad that I had the
opportunity to learn from [the trainers].” Hektor Ciftja said the workshop was “very informative,
intellectually challenging, and food for thought.”

More photos available at our FB page.

June 2018:

Transitions and SEENPM  invite applications for participation in a training of trainers program on information verification and open source online investigations for candidates from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

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