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"Using New Media for Civic Engagement and Transparent Elections"

The overall aim of this project is to increase Moldovan citizens’ understanding and involvement in issues of public concern. Donor: Transition Promotion Program of the Czech Foreign Ministry

Overall Objective: The overall aim of this project is to increase Moldovan citizens’ understanding and involvement in issues of public concern.


Partners: Rise Moldova, MediaPoint, AGER


1. To boost awareness about political candidates.
2. To increase the involvement of bloggers in civic and political matters.
3. To create open data initiatives that will contribute to transparent spending of public
funds and public activism.


- Creation and development of an electoral platform

- Gathering data and information on elections to enable investigations and the
monitoring of the elections in all the regions of Moldova

- Debating important topics in Moldova including elections through

- Strengthening the community of bloggers and vloggers through

- Developing a digital platform for monitoring and reporting on public procurement

- Journalistic investigation on public procurement

- Improving the company register with visualized data

- Production and publication of various TOL content

- Participation of project leaders at Point Conference


In October, RISE conducted an investigation about people who may participate in the elections from Moldova. The investigation, which soon became viral, identified a person who was born in 1977 and died after 2 years and 2 months. The investigation has shown how a new fake identity was formed based on the information about this deceased person and that this fake identity was still present today in the Moldovan voters database.


IDNO is two years old
There have been 2 years since the launch of in September. Idno is a platform that contains public data about Moldovan companies and their founders as well as data about the history of companies, being an absolutely new and innovative tool for the public in the country. About 600,000 searches were made on the platform during this period.
Also, was used by journalists in over 250 materials and journalistic investigations. There are also other important
and useful updates that will further improve the user experience.


Corruption scandals and opaque business dealings of some of the political and economic elite in Moldova has spurred a public appetite for investigative journalism for getting to the bottom of these events. However, most journalists still lack the skills necessary to dig into the data and find stories that analyze the use of public funds. And activists and journalists rarely work together in the pursuit of investigations into governmental spending and efficiency.

In this regard, the “Digital Investigation” training was held on 9-10 December 2017 in Chisinau by Pieter van Huis – a Dutch data journalist from Bellingcat, one of the most innovative investigative organizations today that uses digital analysis of open source information. Pieter and Bellingcat are well-known for the investigation they took on plane MH17 of Malaysia Airlines that crashed in Ukraine. The training was attended by 33 participants among which were journalists, activists and tech people, and the program was focused on fact-checking, fake news, and advanced techniques of data analysis. The training took place within RISE Moldova's Annual Conference, a training platform that included six different events, including Pieter's training.

Dima Stoianov, project assistant at RISE Moldova, mentioned about the Digital Investigation training: “Pieter van Huis' training was a good opportunity for journalists to learn advanced and up-to- date techniques in searching information over internet, especially via Google and social networks. His sessions also proved the fact that "bad guys" use social networks and IP addresses as much as average people do.
Thus, internet can provide as much information as any other official source can do. Most of Pieter's training included training-by-doing elements and provided examples from real investigative work which made all the things learned applicable and easy to remember and use.”




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#PragueMediaPoint Conference for journalists, media professionals, and scholars

​The 2019 edition of Prague Media Point will highlight these types of inspiring examples and more. We will offer a mix of scholarly presentations, including keynote addresses; sessions with innovators explaining their solutions; and networking opportunities to promote the exchange of know-how. As in years past, the conference will have a special regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe, though we look forward to covering cases and trends from other parts of the world. – WHAT’S WORKING





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