6 July 2004
Beating Muslims Premium
Two police raids in one week on a Baku mosque end in beatings, evictions, and accusations of religious intolerance.
By Compiled from Forum 18 reports
6 July 2004
Avoiding an AIDS Crisis Premium
Kyrgyz experience highlights the need for urgent action, as the international community team up with Central Asian states to stem the rising rate of HIV infection.
By Hamid Toursunov
2 July 2004
A Brewing Health Crisis
Serious underreporting of the HIV/AIDS problem in Bosnia has led to complacency on the part of the authorities.
By Michael Logan
2 July 2004
Moldova’s Battle Against Human Trafficking Premium
Moldova's efforts to crack down on traffickers are underfunded, the crime is underreported, and the victims are misunderstood.
By Lauren Gard
1 July 2004
The Big Dig Premium
The 20th anniversary of the inauguration of the Danube-Black Sea canal brings back memories--many of them painful. From Evenimentul Zilei.
By Florian Bichir



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