6 September 2004
Unorthodox Teachings Premium
As a new school year begins, Moscow authorities have reignited the long-running debate over religious education in schools.
By Dmitri Litvinovich
Ljube Boskovski
6 September 2004
Strongman in the Dock Premium
The arrest of Macedonia's former interior minister puts the spotlight back on the murky killings of six Pakistanis and an Indian in 2002.
By Biljana Stavrova
Our Language Day (2001), by V. Corcimari
3 September 2004
Not Finding a Common Tongue Premium
Moldovans—or some of them at least—have just celebrated Our Language Day. But Moldova cannot quite decide what that language is.
By Vitalie Dogaru
3 September 2004
Open Season Premium
The Ukrainian presidential campaign is less than two months away, but the current level of anti-Semitic rhetoric has already surpassed all past attempts to play “the Jewish card” in election campaigns.
By Nickolai Butkevich
2 September 2004
People at a Crossroads Premium
While a few prosper, most of Romania's Roma struggle to meet their most basic needs.
By Mark Chediak with Georgian Lunca
1 September 2004
The Language of Coexistence Premium
Russian-language activists plan further protests against the Latvian education law. A former Latvian diplomat argues they are doing themselves and their country a great disservice.
By Ojars Kalnins
1 September 2004
A Zero Sum Game? Premium
The anniversary of a fateful day for two nations brings painful memories, renewed claims and counter-claims, and reconciliation.
By Wojciech Kosc


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