Prague demonstration Jan. 1989
13 June 2019
Between Tanks and Knitting Needles

1989 and 2019 in Prague and Beijing. From Sinopsis.

By Martin Hala
Suleyman Akbulut
10 June 2019
The Long Wait Finally Ends

Does the inclusion of achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, in Turkish disability legislation mark a change in social attitudes to disability?

By Uygar Gultekin
6 June 2019
Remodeling the Czech Definition of Beauty
The New Aliens agency must balance the challenges of business with the difficult dream of transforming ideas of beauty – unchanged for decades.
By Talia Wiener
28 May 2019
Praising Stillness Amid the Whirlwind

During his state visit to Bulgaria in early May, the pope offered words of contemplation for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

By Boyko Vassilev
20 May 2019
How Turkish Food Turned Sexy Premium
Turkish chefs are experimenting with new ways of “sharing” food – increasingly through social media.
By Emel Altay
9 May 2019
Fighting Turkey’s ‘Onion’ Terror Premium
By blaming market players for the ‘food terror’ of high prices – instead of agricultural policy – the government plays an unsustainable game.
By Merve Ozcelik



#PragueMediaPoint Conference for journalists, media professionals, and scholars

​The 2019 edition of Prague Media Point will highlight these types of inspiring examples and more. We will offer a mix of scholarly presentations, including keynote addresses; sessions with innovators explaining their solutions; and networking opportunities to promote the exchange of know-how. As in years past, the conference will have a special regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe, though we look forward to covering cases and trends from other parts of the world. – WHAT’S WORKING






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