Peter Medgyessy
23 April 2004
Hard Times Premium
Hungary’s ruling party is staring down steady declines in popularity, the necessity of economic austerity measures, and a prime minister with rock-bottom approval ratings.
By Christopher Adam
21 April 2004
Central Asia’s Masters of Spin Premium
The Eurasia Media Forum again heightens the debate over whether to engage or boycott the hard-line regimes of the region.
By Jeremy Druker
Branko Crvenkovski
19 April 2004
Influential Voting Bloc Premium
Although both ethnic Albanian candidates were eliminated in the first round of Macedonia's presidential elections, analysts say ethnic Albanian voters could ultimately decide who wins.
By Biljana Stavrova
19 April 2004
Kuchma Suffers Reform Setback Premium
The opposition celebrates a tactical victory in defeating a vote for constitutional changes, and Kuchma launches a flank attack by putting forward an unexpected name as the candidate to succeed him in office.
By Ivan Lozowy
19 April 2004
Three Serious Contenders for Presidency Premium
No matter who wins the June presidential election in Serbia, one thing is certain: The winner will fill an institutional vacuum.
By Sasha Grubanovic
19 April 2004
Crackdown on Gagauz Oppositionists Premium
Two strong backers of Gagauz autonomy fall foul of local Communist-dominated authorities and accuse Chisinau of pulling the strings.
By Angela Sirbu
19 April 2004
Populist Leader Gains as Leftists Crumble Premium
With Europarliament elections two months off, the Self-Defense Party is well positioned to blow away the shell-shocked Social Democrats.
By Wojciech Kosc
Ivan Gasparovic
19 April 2004
A Compromised Darkhorse Beats Meciar Premium
In an election that again turned in a referendum on one man--Vladimir Meciar--the candidate seen as a 'lesser evil' wins big.
By Barbora Tancerova


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