21 June 2004
An Old Suitor Comes Calling Premium
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit meeting in Tashkent opens new doors for Russian influence in Central Asia.
By Faruk Turaev
21 June 2004
Talking Trash Premium
Plans to ship Italian waste to Albania raise the ire of civic groups and local businesses and lower the already damaged ratings of the prime minister.
By Altin Raxhimi
17 June 2004
A Vote for Change Premium
The Kremlin proposes sweeping changes to the election and referendum laws.
By Dmitri Litvinovich
14 June 2004
No Exporting Democracy, Please Premium
As opposition groups begin to position themselves for next year's presidential election, the President Askar Akaev criticizes outside 'exporters of democracy.'
By Hamid Toursunov
Boris Tadic
14 June 2004
A Test for the Government Premium
The government candidate fails to make it into the runoff, but will Kostunica now support Boris Tadic, a pro-Western liberal?
By Dragan Stojkovic
Valdas Adamkus
14 June 2004
One Known Quantity, One Big Unknown Premium
Former President Valdas Adamkus moves closer to assuming his old post, while on the same day, a new party crushes rivals in elections to the European Parliament.
By Rokas M. Tracevskis
14 June 2004
Candides and Tired Revolutionaries Premium
The apathy and Euro-skepticism in the European Parliament elections may disappoint some. But the main reasons do not lie in Europe and the effect need not be bad for Europe.
14 June 2004
The Language of Debate Premium
Almost nobody seems pleased with the government's plan to boost local authorities' power and give Albanians a greater voice.
By Biljana Stavrova


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