26 April 2004
Oil and Politics Don't Mix Premium
Poland's richest man strengthens his influence in oil company PKN Orlen as the parliament begins to look into the ouster of Orlen's last president.
By Jakub Jedras
26 April 2004
Soros Shut Down Premium
Uzbek authorities have refused to grant the Open Society Institute permission to continue operating but are still stinging from the slap delivered by a major international investment bank earlier this month.
By Erkin Nazarov
26 April 2004
A Third Shot? Premium
Prosecutors in the trial of the alleged assassins of Serbia's former prime minister find themselves on the defensive after witnesses claim to have heard additional gunfire.
By Sasha Grubanovic
Ivo Sanader
26 April 2004
EU or Bust Premium
Now that the EU has deemed it ready to become a candidate country, Croatia has officially become the Balkan role model for European integration.
By Barbara Peranic
Leonid Kuchma. Illustration by Nenad Vitas/TOL
26 April 2004
Massacre in Mukacheve Premium
A hotly disputed election in a provincial town drags Ukraine's tattered democratic credentials through the mud yet again.
26 April 2004
Czechs Battle Over EU Legislation Premium
Parliament overturns the president's veto of a crucial pre-accession tax bill. Czechs are now wondering how much they will pay in higher VAT after 1 May.
By Eva Rybkova
Zeljko Heimer/Flags of the World
23 April 2004
Walking a Tightrope Premium
Is Fidesz’s grip on the right strong enough to allow a turn to the center to snatch Hungary’s elusive but increasingly vital swing voters?
By Balint Molnar
Peter Medgyessy
23 April 2004
Hard Times Premium
Hungary’s ruling party is staring down steady declines in popularity, the necessity of economic austerity measures, and a prime minister with rock-bottom approval ratings.
By Christopher Adam


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