9 February 2005
Death of the Guardian Premium
The death of Zurab Zhvania challenges Georgian politics to mature.
By Jaba Devdariani
George Soros
3 February 2005
Soros Speaks
The mastermind of the Decade of Roma Inclusion says it's up to the Roma to monitor their governments' commitment to the initiative.
By Dzeno Association
31 January 2005
The Need for Pain and Memory Premium
If the region’s Jews are to feel safer, its non-Jews need to acknowledge their own parents’ suffering more.
Yulia Tymoshenko
25 January 2005
Goddess of the Orange Revolution Premium
Calling Tymoshenko the goddess of the Orange Revolution is more than glib praise.
By Marian J. Rubchak
17 January 2005
Anti-Semitism Rears Its Head Premium
Recent incidents show an alarming rise of anti-Semitic sentiments in Bosnia.
By Dragan Stanimirovic
by Onnik Krikorian
3 January 2005
A Limbo with No End Premium
Sixteen years after they began arriving, there are still 240,000 registered refugees in Armenia. Why are they not accepting Armenian passports?
By Ruzan Hakobyan
22 December 2004
Only Baby Steps Premium
Central and Eastern Europe suffers from more domestic violence than any part of Europe. Hungary is only just waking up to the problem.
By Michael Logan
9 December 2004
Fire in the 'Holes' Premium
Young people in Kyrgyzstan are increasingly turning to drugs for a cheap escape. But, with the police on the lookout for bribes, the habit is becoming more and more costly.
By Botagoz Kassymbekova
Turkmenistan's golden leader
1 December 2004
The Ceausescu Career Path? Premium
Contrary to his own belief, Saparmurat Niazov is mortal. What happens to Turkmenistan--and the region--after he's gone is something the international community needs to prepare for, argues the International Crisis Group.
By David Lewis and Andrew Stroehlein
Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych
19 November 2004
President of Eastern Ukraine? Premium
In the last days of his premiership, Viktor Yanukovych is again showing the talents and characteristics that took him to the top.
By Oleg Ivanov


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