18 March 2019
Living With the Wolf at the Door – and at Home

Liberal democracy and press freedom have been under threat for so long that warnings are losing their effectiveness.

By Peter Gross
12 March 2019
Why Did Kyiv Banish a Prominent Austrian Journalist? Premium

ORF’s Christian Wehrschuetz may have angered officials with his critical reporting.

7 March 2019
Russian MPs Vote to Limit Wide Swathe of Online Speech Premium

‘Disrespecting’ the government or Russian society could bring a fine or jail time.

15 February 2019
Belarusian Editor’s Trial Under Scrutiny Premium

After a period of relative calm, the Lukashenka regime is again making life extremely difficult for independent journalists.

12 February 2019
Moscow Looks to Build Internet Wall Premium

Russia may temporarily disconnect the country from the internet.

11 February 2019
The Under-Recognized Guardians of Freedom Premium

The importance of media academics, especially those with an appetite for public service, is often under-played.

By Peter Gross
6 February 2019
Twitter, the Turkish State’s New Political Tool Premium

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be fighting the March local elections in ‘eco-friendly’ cyberspace, following the opposition’s pioneering use of social media for politics.

By Sahra Atila
16 January 2019
Serbia: Reality Wonderland Premium

Choose one: Reality shows in Serbia are a) tasteless; b) very profitable; c) platforms for hate speech; d) all of the above.

By Tamara Skrozza
14 January 2019
ECHR Rules In Favor of Azeri Investigative Journalist in Blackmail Case Premium

Azerbaijan must pay Khadija Ismayilova more than 16,500 euros in damages and costs, court rules. 

10 January 2019
The Fresh Spring of Ignorance Premium

Long after the fall of both the Nazi and communist regimes, today's new authoritarians have come up with creative ways to wash away inconvenient knowledge.

By Peter Gross



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