17 May 2004
Putting Poetry Behind Bars Premium
Following up its recent arrest of an opposition figure, Belarus' KGB jails a union organizer and clamps down on yet another independent media voice.
By Mikhail Vanyashkin
6 May 2004
The New European Union and Croatia Premium
Croatia, which the European Commission recently deemed ready to become a candidate country, receives seven times less EU funding than candidate countries, and 160 times less than the new member states, says the Croatian business daily Dnevnik.
By Masa Ivanis and Hrvoje Mateljic
No Way Out? cartoon by Corax
5 May 2004
No Way Out? Premium
The Brussels Eurocrats distrust local laws, the family, tradition, and everything that is not directly under their control, asserts the Slovak weekly Domino Forum.
By Robert Zitnansky and Martin Hanus
30 April 2004
The Secrets of Czech Officialdom Premium
Everything that we're not supposed to know will be spelled out in a proposed new law. From Respekt.
By Jaroslav Spurny
16 April 2004
The Transdniestrian Conflict and Geopolitical Modeling Premium
The Moldavian daily Vremea interviewed Stanislav Belkovski, a board member of the Council for National Strategies of the Russian Federation and the chief curator of the council's Transdniestrian branch.
15 April 2004
About Us, With Us Premium
In a provincial Czech city, a small cultural revolution in majority-minority relations is under way, but constant vigilance is needed to keep it alive.
By Amaro Gendalos
31 March 2004
A Fool’s Trap Premium
The three soldiers recount for the first time the dramatic moments that ended the communist dictatorship in Romania.
By Marius Tuca, Razvan Belciuganu, Gabriel Burlacu. Adapted and translated by Marius Dragomir



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