7 June 2004
Par for the Course? Premium
'Would CBS air an interview with the widow of a fighter who destroyed the World Trade Center?' Moscow asks after prominent journalist is forced off air.
By Sergei Borisov
7 June 2004
A Culture of Murder Premium
The murder of a wheeler-dealer journalist could be a turning point in the fortunes of Montenegro's effective, but tarnished leader Milo Djukanovic.
31 May 2004
Opposition Editor Murdered Premium
Editor of the main Montenegrin opposition paper is gunned down in Podgorica.
By Aida Ramusovic
Viktor Yanukovych, with reason to worry
31 May 2004
The Importance of Being Earnest Premium
The past few weeks have thrown up some unexpected twists in Ukraine’s presidential campaign.
By Ivan Kolos
24 May 2004
Score One for Gusinsky Premium
The Kremlin is likely to ignore the European Court's handslap over Gusinsky and continue employing legal and other means against oligarchs.
By Sergei Borisov
21 May 2004
To Russia, With a Georgian Passport Premium
The Russian women’s basketball league is among the biggest, best, and richest in the world. With big-time play has come big-time squabbles and scandals among Russia’s teams. From the Russian news magazine Ezhenedelny Zhurnal.
By Anton Orekh
Roma Guests: Unwelcome. Source:
19 May 2004
Roma Guests: Unwelcome Premium
A Hungarian magazine and an NGO team up on a sting operation against a Debrecen hotel owner. From Magyar Narancs.
By Tamas Virag
19 May 2004
'In That Case, Unfortunately …' Premium
A Hungarian hotelier reveals his attitude toward potential Romani guests.
By Magyar Narancs
17 May 2004
Putting Poetry Behind Bars Premium
Following up its recent arrest of an opposition figure, Belarus' KGB jails a union organizer and clamps down on yet another independent media voice.
By Mikhail Vanyashkin
6 May 2004
The New European Union and Croatia Premium
Croatia, which the European Commission recently deemed ready to become a candidate country, receives seven times less EU funding than candidate countries, and 160 times less than the new member states, says the Croatian business daily Dnevnik.
By Masa Ivanis and Hrvoje Mateljic


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