18 July 2019
Bosnian Fake News Fighters Take Heart
Knowing your foe is the first step in a campaign strategy, as a new study reveals. First in a series on disinformation in the Balkans.
By Darko Brkan
17 July 2019
Fighting Windmills
The fight against disinformation in Bulgaria is almost nonexistent, says journalist Ivan Georgiev in an interview with Global Voices.
By Metamorphosis Foundation
12 July 2019
Ready to Scream?

A survey of media coverage in the run-up to the May European elections shows balkanization, partiality, and failure to engage.

By Peter Gross
4 July 2019
Super-Nova Explosion Blasts Bulgarian Media Universe

Local investors gain control of a huge media conglomerate, raising questions about their cozy ties with the ruling party.

By Milka Stoycheva
4 June 2019
No Privacy on Russian Tinder
Tinder is now required to share user data with Russian authorities. From Global Voices.
By Alexey Kovalev
24 May 2019
Internet Freedom in Central Asia Beset by ‘Technical’ Difficulties Premium

Governments in the region routinely censor online speech for short-term political goals. Could Uzbekistan reverse the trend?

By Ky Krauthamer
22 May 2019
Once Upon a Time in Kyiv Premium

Ukraine struggles in a web of fairy tales spun by its eastern neighbour.

By Peter Gross
15 May 2019
CNN’s Perplexing Choice of Czech News Partner Premium
A station whose management openly instructed reporters to put a negative slant on migration is about to join the American network’s stellar international team.
By Jana Ciglerova
8 May 2019
New Russian Documentary Brings the Horrors of the Gulag to the YouTube Generation

Yuri Dud’s documentary has garnered millions of views in days. From Global Voices.

By Alexey Kovalev
1 May 2019
Taking Stock of Playboy Since 1989 Premium

Looking back over nearly 30 years of local editions in TOL's region, can Playboy be satisfied with its track record?

By Peter Gross



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