26 February 2007
Copper Mine Sparks Environmental Outcry
Open-pit mine could bring desperately needed jobs, but also threaten rare species and foul the air in a poor part of Armenia. From EurasiaNet.
By Marianna Grigoryan
19 February 2007
Messy Politics Premium
Taking out the trash in Sofia is harder than you might think.
By Nikoleta Popkostadinova
5 February 2007
Seasick Premium
"Europe" may be bored of the dispute over Istrian waters, but Zagreb and Ljubljana are milking everything they can get out of it.
By Tihomir Loza
7 December 2006
Let Them Eat Purges
Reported bread shortages in Turkmenistan lead to long lines for most and possible prison sentences for some. From EurasiaNet.
By EurasiaNet
Lake Balkhash from space
5 December 2006
Lake Balkhash's Disappearing Act Premium
Is Central Asia’s second-largest lake destined to become another Aral Sea?
By Marina Kozlova
9 October 2006
Learning to Live Without a Sea Premium
Drastically differing solutions are being tried as Uzbeks and Kazakhs struggle to stop the advance of the desert once known as the Aral Sea.
By Marina Kozlova
17 August 2006
Hazardous to Your Health Premium
A growth industry vital to Albania's future is in danger of being buried in filth.
By Besar Likmeta
31 July 2006
Precious Bane Premium
Local protests against two Bulgarian gold-mining projects are becoming national news.
By Georgi Iliev
10 July 2006
Neighbors Prepare for the Next Big One Premium
Satellites replace sandbags as the countries of the Danube basin join forces to fight floods.
By Thomas Orszag-Land



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