14 May 2019
Ukraine’s Tycoons Are Greedy for Green Premium

One of Europe’s poorest countries rewards renewable power producers with some of the highest subsidies in the world.

By Ky Krauthamer
30 April 2019
Can Saxaul Save the Aral? Premium
A native tree shows great promise as a bulwark against the desert spreading over the dried-up sea bed.
Pankisi gorge
23 April 2019
Georgian Mountaineers Brawl With Police Over Dam Plan Premium

Authorities want to exploit Caucasus gorge’s hydropower potential but face growing local opposition.

22 April 2019
Looming Danger

Lake Baikal is an incredible ecosystem threatened by a Mongolian dam and pipeline. From The Conversation.

By Anson Mackay
28 March 2019
Russian Courts Throw Cold Water on Chinese Baikal Project Premium

Authorities faced stiff local opposition to plan to bottle lake water for the Chinese market.

15 March 2019
Hopes Rise for Captive Russian Whales Premium

Authorities say the belugas and orcas will eventually be transferred to a special facility. But can they survive the trip?

1 March 2019
Climate Change Will Hit Russia Hard, Scientists Warn Premium

As temperatures rise at an alarming rate, experts urge efforts to deal with floods, heatwaves, and wildfires.

20 February 2019
Slovenia Set to Scrap Hydropower Plants on Protected River Premium
Growing opposition to dam projects leaves Balkan countries scrambling to find sustainable energy sources.



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