Moscow State University
18 April 2005
Gagarin Had Free Education
Russian students take to the streets to protest against an end to free university education. [Also in Russian]
By Sergei Borisov
25 March 2005
Girls Just Want to Go to School
Access to education--even to simple primary schooling--is severely limited for some young Bosnians, and girls are at a particular disadvantage.
By Mirna Skrbic
24 March 2005
Learning Curves
Reforming an education system steeped in tradition is no mean feat, Croatia discovers. [Also in Russian.]
By Marko Stefelic
21 February 2005
On the Road to the Superhighway Premium
The use of computers, mobile phones, and the internet is increasing rapidly in Romania, although online business continues to lag behind.
By Razvan Amariei
16 February 2005
Seeds for a Poor Harvest
Social science degrees are increasingly popular in Kyrgyzstan, but some experts wonder if that trend means vocational and agricultural training programs are getting short shrift. (Also in Russian.)
By Botagoz Kassymbekova
10 February 2005
In the Bleak Midwinter
Following a “successful” strike among professors, Albania’s education professionals and unions plan what to do next about a system in crisis. (This article is also available in Russian.)
By Altin Raxhimi
George Soros
3 February 2005
Soros Speaks
The mastermind of the Decade of Roma Inclusion says it's up to the Roma to monitor their governments' commitment to the initiative.
By Dzeno Association
3 February 2005
The Schools that Aren’t Schools
The Koranic schools that operate in semi-legality in Bulgaria may teach very different curricula, but they all share a lack of transparency and oversight.
By Yana Buhrer Tavanier
31 January 2005
Exchanging Truths
Relations between Germany and Poland can best be improved one young person at a time. (Article also available in Russian.)
By Jakub Jedras
20 January 2005
Reaping Debts
Helping the state harvest cotton carries a heavy cost for Uzbek students.
By Ozoda Rakhmatullayeva

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