5 January 2006
School Daze
The Slovak government is examining the treatment of Romani youngsters in school. But is it asking the right questions? [Also in Russian]
By Kristina Magdolenova
5 January 2006
The Value of Being Educated
Bribery is devaluing the notion of education as valuable in itself. But the value of a diploma in Russia seems to be rising. [Also in Russian]
By Sergei Borisov
21 December 2005
A Minority in Waiting
In the altered political landscape in Ukraine, local Rusyns see new life for their struggle to be recognized as a separate nationality.
By Brian Pozun
28 November 2005
Examining School Reform
Results of Poland's school-leaving exams show an ever-growing gap between rich and poor and between city and country. [Also in Russian]
By Wojciech Kosc
24 November 2005
Together but Separate
Continued segregation in Bosnia’s classrooms is fueling debate about the country’s ethnic divisions. But does the issue merely mask a deeper failure to reform the education system? [Also in Russian]
By Mirna Skrbic
9 November 2005
Stories from the Classroom
Teachers’ stories may not provide a comprehensive map of educational reform, but they can reveal the passions and the frustrations of the battle for reform. [Also in Russian]
By George Bethell
21 October 2005
You've Got to Admit
Albania considers radical changes in its university admissions process and takes steps to combating corruption in higher education. [Also in Russian]
By Artan Puto
Sex po polsku
19 September 2005
Into Bed, Blindly
Compulsory sex education was a prominent issue in the last Polish election campaign. Four years on, it barely features on the political agenda. [Also in Russian]
By Wojciech Kosc
19 September 2005
Life After the Trash Can
As HIV/AIDS spreads into the general population, the number of HIV-positive orphans in Ukraine is growing. What life can they expect? [Also in Russian]
By Megan Buskey
15 September 2005
From Reform to Reward
Slovakia’s reform-minded government has shaken up the school system. How does it look now?
By Martina Kubanova

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