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Russian icebreaker
11 April 2019
Putin Outlines Arctic Expansion Plans Premium
Russia is consolidating its position as the major commercial and military power in the far north.

Russia is consolidating its position as the major commercial and military power in the far north.

5 April 2019
West Balkans to End Roaming Fees Premium

In southeastern Europe, the days of shockingly high roaming charges are numbered.

4 April 2019
Architects Slam Zagreb Redevelopment Scheme Premium
UAE’s Eagle Hills is a possible partner on the huge revitalization project.
29 March 2019
A Token Success for Belarusian Blockchain Premium

Tax breaks and other perks are luring foreign tech money into a country known for a tightly controlled economy.

26 March 2019
Press Enter if Guilty Premium

Famous as the incubator of tech startups like Skype, Estonia now wants to employ AI judges.

20 March 2019
Romania’s Antiquated Road System Gets One Meter Longer Premium

A fast-food chain owner opened a road to nowhere in a bid to jumpstart the country’s flagging highway construction program.

8 March 2019
The Marketing Strategies of Ukraine’s Coal-Rich Rebels Premium

As Ukraine’s coal production drops, Belarusian coal exports shoot up.

8 March 2019
One Belt, One Road, and One Troubled Georgian Bank Premium

Prominent banker claims the government is trying to muscle in on a big Chinese-backed port project.

21 February 2019
Estonia Expels Danish Bank Accused of Money Laundering Premium
Estonia’s financial watchdog has ordered Danske Bank to close its operations in the country as allegations mount over a giant money laundering operation.
19 February 2019
Pashinyan Launches Ambitious Economic Reform Roadmap Premium
Despite rapid growth, Armenia’s economy remains puny compared to even the poorest EU countries.



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