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19 October 2018
Ukraine, Poland Said Hit in New Cyberattack

IT company says three companies were compromised in attack similar to  takedown of Ukraine’s power grid in 2015.

18 October 2018
U.S. Securities Losing Their Glitter in Russia

With gold attractively priced, Eastern European countries have been stocking up on the metal this year.

16 October 2018
Trans-Mongolia Gas Pipeline ‘In the Works’: Putin

Asian ‘super grid’ project also on the drawing board, but many hitches could lie ahead.

4 October 2018
The Nation State is Obsolete Premium

The hundreds of hackers gathering in Prague this week will see firsthand how the city’s crypto-anarchists are building a new social order, and how their movement is growing.

By Wasse Jonkhans
4 October 2018
Estonian Dirty Money Scandal Balloons Premium

More than a trillion dollars flowed into and out of the Baltic country over an eight-year period.

28 September 2018
Poland Has Most Dynamic SMEs in Region, Report Says Premium

Romania and Hungary have ‘fastest-growing companies on average,’ according to London Stock Exchange report.

19 September 2018
Danish Bank Chief Resigns as Estonian ‘Laundromat’ Scandal Grows Premium

Bank says it knew of suspiciously large transactions involving Russian clients of its Estonian operation.

4 September 2018
Uzbek Telecoms Bribery Case Opens in Sweden Premium

Two telecoms have already paid big fines for handing out bribes worth some half-billion dollars to late Uzbek leader Karimov’s daughter.

3 September 2018
Chinese Investment in Poland: Still Just Wishful Thinking Premium

Polish hopes for a massive inflow of Chinese investors, establishing new factories and creating thousands of jobs, have not yet materialized.

By Lukasz Sarek


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