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13 September 2007
Director’s Death Fuels Cultural Despair
Mark Weil’s passing will have a long-lasting impact on Uzbek cultural life.
By EurasiaNet
7 September 2007
Learning the ABCs
After dawdling on the issue for several years, Astana is moving forward with plans to replace Cyrillic. From EurasiaNet.
By Paul Bartlett
24 July 2007
Sex, Lies and YouTube Premium
As the video-sharing site takes off, policy-makers and politicians try to find ways to catch a ride. Including authoritarian Belarus.
By Seyward Darby
27 June 2007
Hip, Hot, and Proud to be Roma Premium
Rappers from a Czech minority gain majority appeal with a fusion of sounds and introspective lyrics.
By Alexandra L. Woodruff
26 June 2007
Rising from the Ashes Premium
Growing cultural and business cooperation in the former Yugoslavia shows there’s more than lingering nostalgia for the old federation.
By Tihomir Loza
12 June 2007
The Cost of History
As officials propose means to save Tbilisi's decaying historic houses, residents wonder if they can pay for it. From EurasiaNet.
By Molly Corso
6 June 2007
Stressing the "Cult" in Culture
The aim of Turkmen cultural policy appears unchanged from Niyazov's time.
By EurasiaNet
View of Cluj from the Citadel.
23 May 2007
Ethnic Politics in the Heart of Transylvania Premium
Rogers Brubaker and his co-authors have crafted an elegant and comprehensive study of nationalism in Cluj, the spiritual capital of that eternal borderland, Transylvania.
By Robert A. Saunders
4 May 2007
One Family Tree's Deep Shadows Premium
Three generations and several cataclysms later, Dostoevsky's once-communist great-grandson embraces his towering ancestor.
By Galina Stolyarova
25 April 2007
The Line of Return Premium
Practicing borderland in dialogue with Czeslaw Milosz.
By Krzysztof Czyzewski



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