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21 August 2009
Seeing Is Believing
In Russia, approved interpretations of the Ossetian war have hardly changed in the past year.
By BBC Monitoring
houdova billboard_53
17 August 2009
Planting Seeds of Good Deeds Premium
An unconventional Czech beauty queen builds an international children’s charity on the backs of mainly American volunteers.
By Veronika Bednarova
13 August 2009
A Lost Culture, Found Online Premium
From tending graveyards to creating online shtetls, more non-Jewish Poles are resuscitating their country’s Jewish heritage.
By Marjorie Backman
4 August 2009
Europe as Fourth Reich Premium
A foreign correspondent spins a debut novel out of Eastern Europe’s stubborn pathologies.
By Marius Dragomir
23 July 2009
See No Evil Premium
To protect the children, a proposed law would ban most unpleasantness from Russian television.
By Galina Stolyarova
23 July 2009
Pirates on the Danube Premium
As their work is feted at competitions and festivals, Romanian filmmakers are being undercut at home.
By Sinziana Demian
10 July 2009
End of the Road Premium
Northern Albania doesn’t surrender its treasures easily.
By Barbara Frye
9 July 2009
The Spirit Mountain Premium
Legends sacred and sad shroud a volcanic peak on the Mongolian border.
By J. Lee Jacobson
8 July 2009
Rising Star Premium
Ancient history and timeless beauty meet on the road to Armenia's highest mountain. A TOL multimedia presentation.
By Anush Babajanyan



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