LGBT Muslims Struggle to Find Their Place in Turkey

Amid growing conservatism in Turkey, three individuals explain that their Muslim faith and non-heterosexual orientation are not mutually exclusive.

By Umut Guven
21 January 2019
Around the Bloc
Crowds of Protesters Continue to Fill Streets in Hungary, Serbia

While Hungarians have been rallying against a new labor law, Serbians have been marching in the past month against Vucic and the ruling elite.

21 January 2019
Presidential Proxies

Georgia’s latest election raises concerns over democratic backsliding, with personality politics and a large-scale debt write-off in play.

By Maximilian Hess
21 January 2019
'Conformation Bias:' Political Tribalism as a Driver of Disinformation

The findings of a recent study on disinformation and conspiracy theories in Poland and Hungary highlight their role as weapons in a tribal war. From the National Endownment for Democracy. 

By Peter Kreko
18 January 2019
Around the Bloc
Karabakh Belligerents Agree to ‘Prepare the Population for Peace’

While promising, the statement masks the problem of reversing a quarter-century of virulent rhetoric, analysts say.

18 January 2019
Around the Bloc
Facebook Purges Russian Fake News Sites

Almost 500 pages and accounts beamed misleading information across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

18 January 2019
Around the Bloc
Dormouse for Dinner, Anyone?

Its infernal associations don’t stop Slovenes from enjoying a traditional dish of barbecued rodent.

18 January 2019
Around the Bloc
Turkmenistan May Boost Size of Army: Report

The neutral Central Asian state rarely comments on reports of tension along its border with Afghanistan.

17 January 2019
Serbia: Reality Wonderland

Choose one: Reality shows in Serbia are a) tasteless; b) very profitable; c) platforms for hate speech; d) all of the above.

By Tamara Skrozza
16 January 2019
Arts & Culture
To Every Age Its Art
Russian feminists flip the script on classic Soviet films. From Global Voices. By RuNet Echo
14 January 2019
The People’s Choice

As the new year begins, we look back with a leading human rights lawyer at one of 2018’s biggest moments: the Armenian ‘Velvet Revolution.’

By Jeremy Druker
9 January 2019
Kyrgyzstan Instagram Star Comes of Age and Flies the Nest

The Internet’s vast potential for self-expression seems more relevant in Central Asia than ever before. From Eurasianet.

By Chris Rickleton
9 January 2019
An Economic Marvel for Some, an Ecological Catastrophe for Others

Istanbul’s new airport was officially opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this past fall, but environmentalists continue to cry foul over the impact of the project.

By Firat Fistik
7 January 2019
TOL Recommends
PremiumBest of TOL for 2018
Our favorite stories of the year.
31 December 2018
PremiumSerbia Debates the Public’s Right to Know

Critics of a proposed new freedom of information law say it will hobble journalists and give public bodies too many opt-outs.

By Mihaela Sljukic Bandovic
28 December 2018
PremiumFake News in Serbia: From the Trivial to the International

Here are eight of the most egregious lies caught in 2018 by the Fake News Tracker in Serbia, a country with a long history to re-write.

By Stefan Janjic
28 December 2018
PremiumA Master of Deception

Donald Trump may be the leader of the free world in spreading “alternative facts,” but Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic continues to vie for the Balkan crown.

By The Truth-O-Meter team at
24 December 2018
PremiumVoting for Change
With only a few months to go until parliamentary elections, former presidential candidate Maia Sandu says the time is now to save Moldova’s democracy. By Jeremy Druker
21 December 2018
PremiumEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Communist Sex

Katerina Liskova is not afraid to ask probing questions about the often surprising official attitudes toward sex in Czechoslovakia.

By Vanda Thorne
19 December 2018
Economy & Business
Georgia’s China Dream

CEFC takes a last stand in the Caucasus. From Sinopsis.

By Tinatin Khidasheli and Sinopsis
17 December 2018
Conflict & Diplomacy
PremiumFor Czechs, Good Times May Not Last

Despite vibrant economic growth and unemployment rates at their lowest in over two decades, there’s a lot to worry about.

By David S. Jackson
14 December 2018
Economy & Business
PremiumBeyond Official Statistics: Re-classifying “Informality” in Ukraine

“Informality” in its many forms – from outright corruption to showing gratitude for going above and beyond the call of duty – has something to teach us, and could even serve as a feedback mechanism for public policy.

By Abel Polese
11 December 2018
What We Talk About When We Talk About Gender in Armenia
In the run-up to the Armenian parliamentary elections, the new authorities’ political opponents appeared to unite in an anti-LGBT campaign. From openDemocracy. By Anna Bianca Roach
10 December 2018
PremiumIn the Dark

With online censorship an increasingly commonplace part of life in Turkey, activists warn that it is not enough to simply find your way around bans.

By Ahmet A. Sabanci
5 December 2018
A $17 Million Legal Bill for Moldova

Over the past two decades, the European Court of Human Rights has found the country guilty in almost 400 cases. Who’s to blame? From Ziarul de Garda.

3 December 2018


Middle Europa
A Fateful Year

A series of political gaffes in Poland has marred the Law and Justice Party's start to 2019, and there is potentially more danger ahead in this 'super-election' year.

14 January 2019
Fourth Estate
The Fresh Spring of Ignorance

Long after the fall of both the Nazi and communist regimes, today's new authoritarians have come up with creative ways to wash away inconvenient knowledge.

10 January 2019
Balkan Eye
A Tale of Two Metaphors: Writing the EU in Symbols Premium

What happens when you ask writers to come up with a metaphor for the EU? World-building and metaphors are their work, after all.

20 December 2018
Balkan Eye
A Potential President? Possibly. Premium

Does the latest political move by Slovakia’s foreign minister place him more firmly in the frame for a presidential bid? Why is Miroslav Lajcak hesitating?

14 December 2018
Ivory Tower
Staging Stalinism Premium

The revival of a play about Hungarian communists brings to the forefront questions that are as pressing in modern-day Hungary as they were in 20th century Europe.

6 December 2018
Fourth Estate
Opening the Samizdat Time Capsule Premium

The year 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of Central and Eastern European countries escaping the socio-political and cultural monopoly created by Marxism-Leninism, as shown by the underground publications of the era.

30 November 2018
Middle Europa
Turning the Compass to Find Positive North Premium
What happens if a journalist tries to seek out more optimistic news stories?By MARTIN EHL
28 November 2018


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