Berating Babis

Largest demonstrations in Prague since the Velvet Revolution seek to remove prime minister, but that’s not likely to happen – for now. A photo essay.

By Milka Stoycheva and Katie Tiffin
24 June 2019
Around the Bloc - 24 June

The important, interesting, or just downright quirky news from TOL’s coverage region. Today: Karimova wants out of Jail; Russia/Georgia tourist ban; defiant Kyrgyz president; Pride in Bucharest and Kyiv; and Balkan water polo. 

24 June 2019
Around the Bloc - 21 June
The important, interesting, or just downright quirky news from TOL’s coverage region. Today: Georgia erupts; EU vs. Russia; Poland stands up to Brussels over emissions; a Ukrainian journalist dies; and a Balkan church spat.
21 June 2019
Around the Bloc - 20 June
The important, interesting, or just downright quirky news from TOL’s coverage region. Today: wartime victims in the Balkans; Romanian heads EP’s new centrist group; the stinky sea in Abkhazia; the MH17 trial; and Putin’s phone-in.
20 June 2019
Conflict & Diplomacy
Armenia’s Painful Probe
Critics say Yerevan’s investigation into the 2016 ‘April War’ with Azerbaijan is cover for domestic score-settling. By Ky Krauthamer
20 June 2019
Around the Bloc - 19 June

The important, interesting, or just downright quirky news from TOL’s coverage region. Today: Tbilisi pride; spat over U.S. troops in Poland; Roma in Russia; most business-friendly cities in Emerging Europe; and Hungarian businesses cross the Atlantic.

19 June 2019
Around the Bloc - 18 June

The important, interesting, or just downright quirky news from TOL’s coverage region. Today: Zelenskiy takes Paris; a supercomputer in Bulgaria; sanctions and the death penalty in Belarus; student expelled from Russia; and struggling doctors in Kazakhstan.

18 June 2019
A Long, Slow Pour
The ongoing Czech beer week in London is part of a long-brewed plan, taking beermaking from a medieval craft to a quality niche export sector. By Victoria Roberts
18 June 2019
Can 'Radical Love' Win Again?

An opposition politician is betting that a calm demeanor and de-polarization rhetoric can lead to victory in next week's re-run of Istanbul's mayoral election.

By Gokce Cicek Kosedagi
17 June 2019
Generation Rebellion: Slovakia’s Political ‘Hipsters’ Target Change
The clamor for change is propelling a new generation of Slovaks into power. But can they live up to the hype? From Balkan Insight. By Dariusz Kalan
7 June 2019
Remodeling the Czech Definition of Beauty
The New Aliens agency must balance the challenges of business with the difficult dream of transforming ideas of beauty – unchanged for decades. By Talia Wiener
6 June 2019
Beyond Beijing: 1989 in Changsha

China expert Andrea Worden recalls the events of 1989, which she witnessed firsthand. From Sinopsis.

By Filip Jirous
5 June 2019
No Privacy on Russian Tinder
Tinder is now required to share user data with Russian authorities. From Global Voices. By Alexey Kovalev
4 June 2019
More Than a Trivial Change
Critics say a proposed amendment to Turkish law, which would restrict the payment of alimony, could leave women trapped – in poverty or in abusive marriages. By Zeynep Yunculer
3 June 2019
No Mass Exodus of CEE nationals From Pre-Brexit UK?
Migration statistics show citizens of CEE countries that joined the EU in 2004 were leaving the pre-Brexit UK before December 2018, but that is not the whole story. By Victoria Roberts
31 May 2019
Cell Door Slams on Romania’s Kingmaker

Many in Bucharest and Brussels are cheering, but it may be too soon to write off Liviu Dragnea.

By Ky Krauthamer
29 May 2019
Let Me Help You Find Bliss

They grew up in institutions where sexuality was punished and suppressed with drugs. Or they’ve remained involuntarily single. But the disabled too have sexual needs. 

By Petra Dlouha
28 May 2019
PremiumInternet Freedom in Central Asia Beset by ‘Technical’ Difficulties

Governments in the region routinely censor online speech for short-term political goals. Could Uzbekistan reverse the trend?

By Ky Krauthamer
24 May 2019
PremiumUK’s ‘Protest’ Election Looks Pro-Brexit
Central and Eastern European nationals in the UK hoping for a pro-EU or “soft Brexit” outcome are likely to be disappointed. By Victoria Roberts
23 May 2019
PremiumThe Balkan Migrant Trap
Thousands of rejected asylum seekers are in limbo in non-EU Balkan countries, unwilling players in a game of international hot potato. By Rose Joy Smith
21 May 2019
PremiumHow Turkish Food Turned Sexy
Turkish chefs are experimenting with new ways of “sharing” food – increasingly through social media. By Emel Altay
20 May 2019
Conflict & Diplomacy
PremiumSummit Exposes Strains in EU Eastern Policy

The party to celebrate 10 years of the Eastern Partnership ended on a low note.

By Ky Krauthamer
16 May 2019
PremiumCNN’s Perplexing Choice of Czech News Partner
A station whose management openly instructed reporters to put a negative slant on migration is about to join the American network’s stellar international team. By Jana Ciglerova
15 May 2019
PremiumUkraine’s Tycoons Are Greedy for Green

One of Europe’s poorest countries rewards renewable power producers with some of the highest subsidies in the world.

By Ky Krauthamer
14 May 2019
PremiumKovy Versus Czech Apathy

One YouTuber’s journey to inform Czech youth, stay true to his identity, and remain relevant online.

By Talia Wiener
13 May 2019
PremiumPocketbook Issues Dominate Lithuanian Presidential Campaign

But whose pocket? The urban middle classes are doing just fine, while country people see their share of the pie dwindling fast.

By Ky Krauthamer
10 May 2019
PremiumFighting Turkey’s ‘Onion’ Terror
By blaming market players for the ‘food terror’ of high prices – instead of agricultural policy – the government plays an unsustainable game. By Merve Ozcelik
9 May 2019
Conflict & Diplomacy
PremiumViktor Orban’s East-West Balancing Act

The Hungarian premier is banking – in more ways than one – on strengthening ties with all the great powers.

By Ky Krauthamer
8 May 2019
PremiumThe Priest and the Professor

A young man has discovered that he didn't have to choose between his calling to the priesthood and his love for teaching and for Romanian literature.  

By Polina Cupcea
7 May 2019


Ivory Tower
Chernobyl: Anatomy of Disaster

Some historical events are so momentous that the human mind finds it hard to comprehend their scale and complexity. The nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl falls into that category.

21 June 2019
Middle Europa
Babis Seeks Summer Solace

In the face of massive street demonstrations, the Czech prime minister must be hoping that the holidays bring the warm winds of apathy.

12 June 2019
Middle Europa
European Elections Spice Things Up

European Parliament elections have revealed a growing change in taste.

30 May 2019
Balkan Eye
Praising Stillness Amid the Whirlwind

During his state visit to Bulgaria in early May, the pope offered words of contemplation for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

28 May 2019
Fourth Estate
Once Upon a Time in Kyiv

Ukraine struggles in a web of fairy tales spun by its eastern neighbour.

22 May 2019
Middle Europa
A Banking Haven No More Premium

Latvia’s time as a financial bridge between East and West has come to an end.

6 May 2019
Fourth Estate
Taking Stock of Playboy Since 1989 Premium

Looking back over nearly 30 years of local editions in TOL's region, can Playboy be satisfied with its track record?

1 May 2019



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