Syrian Refugees Search for New Homes in Turkey

Turkey has taken in 3.5 million refugees from the Syrian conflict. After an often perilous journey, the newcomers must still find a place to live – sometimes in the face of hostility.

By Filiz Gazi
16 November 2018
Around the Bloc
Polish Banking Scandal Deepens

Central bank governor lashes out at tycoon who claimed a regulator solicited him for a huge bribe.

19 November 2018
Around the Bloc
Did Hungary Help Gruevski Flee Macedonian Justice?

Budapest denies aiding the former leader’s escape but admits he gave advance notice of his intention to request asylum.

19 November 2018
Around the Bloc
Kyrgyzstan Catches Quinoa Fever

Local farmers are eager to try the high-value grain, but lack of equipment and red tape are holding them back.

19 November 2018
Around the Bloc
Donors Rally to Aid Feisty Russian Magazine

Hit with one of the biggest fines ever imposed on a news outlet, New Times was on the verge of closure.

16 November 2018
Around the Bloc
Ukraine’s Extremists Reach Out to America

Suspected members of California white-supremacist group met public face of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists.

16 November 2018
Around the Bloc
Russian Lawmaker Blasts Minimum Income as ‘Genocide’

Communist deputy embarrassed Saratov region governor into firing official who claimed pensioners could eat well on a pittance.

15 November 2018
Around the Bloc
U.S. Warns Budapest Against Russian Gas Pipeline

Hungary’s Russian-built nuclear plant could fall years behind schedule as construction delays pile up.

15 November 2018
Above Water

Activists in Macedonia have won a fight for clean water despite years of dismissal by the former government. From Global Voices.

By Filip Stojanovski
14 November 2018
Arts & Culture
Getting the Message Across

In an unusual program, artists team up with NGOs from Russia and Central Asia to tell their stories in visually striking ways.

By Kate Syme-Lamont
12 November 2018
"Tickers of Terror" – the Crisis of Polish Media as Told by News Crawls

As Poland prepares for another divisive and violent Independence Day holiday on 11 November, we look at the polarizing TV coverage of last year’s event. From openDemocracy.

By Rafal Zaborowski
9 November 2018
Do “Anti-Vaccinationists” Really Threaten Belarusian Society?

A few cases of measles this past spring – quickly downplayed as imports from neighboring Ukraine – nevertheless provoked an impassioned debate about vaccinations and their merits. From Euroradio.

5 November 2018
Economy & Business
Taxing Times for Uber in Turkey

Called “a terrorist organisation … founded in San Francisco” by a taxi union head and lambasted by the country’s president, Uber could be completely banned next week.

By Gorkem Pancaroglu
2 November 2018
Moscow Is Solving Its Waste Problem – by Sending It to Russia's Regions

Waste disposal has become a political problem for Russia’s capital, and the authorities are now looking to transfer it to the regions. From openDemocracy.

By Elena Solovyova
30 October 2018
PremiumSeeking the Good Life in Turkey
Urbanites are riding a growing wave of migration in search of a more fulfilling life. By Zeynep Yunculer
25 October 2018
PremiumA Sporting Chance
A soccer team for Roma kids in the Czech town of Neratovice has boosted school attendance and given the players a wider field of play. By Melanie Ritchot
23 October 2018
Hungary’s Damaging Media Market Distortion
A new study, featuring interviews with advertising and media market figures, offers the clearest picture yet of the skewed media advertising market. From the International Press Institute. By Marton Bede
22 October 2018
PremiumBulgaria’s Trust Deficit

The spotlight cast by the brutal murder of a journalist reveals a troubled media landscape with the least freedom in the EU.

By Katherine Schulte
18 October 2018
Conflict & Diplomacy
PremiumRussia’s Grand Strategy
Is Putin using the Syria conflict to turn Turkey into Moscow’s proxy?

Is Putin using the Syria conflict to turn Turkey into Moscow’s proxy?

By Mustafa Demir
17 October 2018
PremiumTurkish Crackdown Drives Home Brewers to Drink

The Turkish government's cocktail of efforts to reduce alcohol consumption have contributed to a rebellious citizens' menu of homemade drinks.

By Emel Atay
11 October 2018
Economy & Business
PremiumThe Nation State is Obsolete

The hundreds of hackers gathering in Prague this week will see firsthand how the city’s crypto-anarchists are building a new social order, and how their movement is growing.

By Wasse Jonkhans
4 October 2018
How Disinformation Harmed the Referendum in Macedonia

Online campaigns calling for a boycott of the referendum and fake news sites have compounded the country’s media literacy problem. From The German Marshall Fund of the United States.

By Asya Metodieva
3 October 2018
PremiumOn the Margins
Mr. Gay Syria Film highlights plight of Syrian LGBTI refugees in Turkey, where growing conservatism means that their rights are increasingly under threat. By Emel Altay
2 October 2018


Middle Europa
A Centenary to Celebrate ... Or Not?

One hundred years since the end of World War I is an ambiguous anniversary for many in Central Europe, where statehood and identity have long been subject to integration or empire.

7 November 2018
Fourth Estate
Authoritarians of the World Unite!

Foes of freedom of the press surely welcome the new measures being proposed and discussed on the very highest levels of the EU.

31 October 2018
Balkan Eye
Murder in the Facebook Era Premium
The barbarity of the killing of a Bulgarian TV presenter seemed the calling card of a crazed killer, so why was that version so quickly discarded?By BOYKO VASSILEV
25 October 2018
Middle Europa
A Crisis of Liberal Democracy? Not on the Local Level Premium

Local elections in the Czech Republic and Poland demonstrate that not all is lost.

18 October 2018
Ivory Tower
The Kremlin’s Salesman Premium

The smoothest purveyor of Russian propaganda puts on a show at Yale University.

10 October 2018
Middle Europa
How to Save Liberal Europe Premium

There are a lot of good ideas floating around, but how to find the politicians to turn them into real-life policies?

1 October 2018
Fourth Estate
Once More Into the Breach

The return of Radio Free Europe to Romania and Bulgaria is as clear a sign as any that the media situation hasn’t developed as many hoped.

24 September 2018


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