Foreign Correspondent Training Course, July 2013 - Trainers


NedimNedim Dervisbegovic
Nedim Dervisbegovic has worked as a multimedia producer for the Balkan Service of Prague-based Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) since 2009. He is responsible for online, multimedia, and social networks and has blogged and written articles for RFE/RL's English page on Balkan politics and other topics. In 2007, Nedim became the first editor in chief of, an independent news and community portal, focused on development of civic society and a culture of dialogue. Earlier, he worked for ten years as a Reuters' senior correspondent from Bosnia, covering politics, economy, sports and other issues while also reporting from other countries in the region. Nedim started his journalistic career in 1992 as a reporter at Studio 99, at the time the only independent radio station in war-torn Sarajevo, before joining the UN refugee agency's humanitarian operation. In 1994, he moved to Italy to study media, politics, and international relations at the American University in Rome, where he worked as an intern for the Associated Press and APTV and as a freelance correspondent for the now-defunct Italian daily La Voce Repubblicana. Nedim has a degree from the University of London in Politics and International Relations.


Michael JordanMichael Jordan
Michael J. Jordan is a foreign correspondent and journalism teacher-trainer based in southern Africa. Over 20 years, Jordan has reported from 28 countries, mostly across post-Communist Eastern Europe. He was first based in Hungary, then at the United Nations, then Slovakia, and today in Lesotho, reporting for the Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, Global Post, Harvard’s Nieman Reports, among others. During the past decade, Jordan’s also taught several thousand student-journalists and professional journalists – on four continents. As Senior Trainer of our Foreign Correspondence Course, since January 2007, he’s led 20 separate groups through the reporting project. Meanwhile, he also teaches Health Journalism in Lesotho and is a five-time Visiting Scholar in Hong Kong.


Ian PhillipsIan Phillips
Ian Phillips, AP News Director for East-central Europe, is in charge of text, TV and photos from Polandto theBalkans. Phillips, 42, has reported and edited from Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia for AP and was Deputy Europe Editor in London prior to moving to Prague in 2011. From the Czech capital, he leads a region-wide group of reporters tasked with finding innovative stories for use across all platforms. Ian joined AP in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and reported from several South American countries before transferring to Paris in 1998 and AP's London office two years later. From 2001 to 2004 he was day supervisor at AP's World Desk in New York, helping shape and promote coverage for non-U.S. subscribers of events ranging from the Sept. 11 attacks to the Iraq War. Ian was named deputy editor for Europe and Africa in 2004, and from a London base has been at the forefront of the company's efforts to produce cross-format journalism. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he was the main coordinator between text, video and photos. He helped lead coverage of major stories ranging from the terror attacks on London's transport


Kitty Logan is an international TV news reporter and video journalist, specializing in coverage of areas of conflict and developing countries. Most recently she has been working as Kabul correspondent for CBS News, covering the latest news out of Afghanistan for TV, radio, and online. She has also freelanced for Sky News for around 10 years – reporting from Beirut, Berlin, Islamabad, London, Tripoli, and many other countries. From 2002-2004 she was Sky News' Afghanistan Producer and from 2006-2007 she was based in Lebanon, covering the Hezbollah-Israel conflict and its aftermath for several international broadcasters, including Sky News and France24. She also covered the 2011 Libya conflict from both Benghazi and Tripoli for several broadcasters, including Sky News and CBS News. She regularly films for international aid agencies and the UN as well, reporting on a range of issues from the refugee crisis on the Egypt/Libya border in 2011, to food shortages in Ethiopia in 2009, ethnic tensions in Kazakhstan, and Angelina Jolie's visit to the Pakistan floods in 2010. She has also contributed to the Guardian and Telegraph newspapers from various locations. She often works alone, using a simple setup of camera, edit laptop, and BGAN to allow her to provide news content from anywhere in the world, even in extreme locations where there are no reliable communications. Kitty is currently based in London, but is most at home in Berlin.

Gordana KnezevicGordana Knezevic
Gordana Knezevic is the Director of RFE/RL’s South Slavic and Albanian Languages Service, specializing in the Balkans. Before coming to RFE/RL in January 2008, Gordana worked as an online editor with Reuters News Agency in Canada, regularly contributing to the Toronto Star and CBC Radio while there. Before relocating to Canada, Gordana lived in Bosnia, where she was the Deputy Editor of Oslobodjenje, the internationally recognized Sarajevo-based daily paper—which never stopped publishing during the Bosnian War. For her work there, she was honored in 1992 with the Courage in Journalism award from the Washington-based International Women’s Media Foundation. Gordana was an elected member of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression Board of Directors.


Rob CameronRob Cameron
Rob Cameron is the BBC’s correspondent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, covering politics, human intereststories, arts and other issues for the BBC World Service, BBC domestic radio, BBC Online and BBC World television. Rob moved to Prague in 1993 and began his radio career in 1999, when he joined Radio Prague, the international service of Czech Radio. Rob began producing radio packages for the BBC in 2001, and in 2004 became the BBC’s full-time Prague stringer. He has also reported for the BBC from Albania and Russia.


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