Foreign Correspondent Training Course, July 2013 - Local information

Renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague offers a great environment for study and, of course, play. Along with the city’s famous sites - including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square - you’ll find stunning architecture, beautiful parks, as well as great nightlife, from bars and clubs to the opera and ballet.

The local currency is the Czech crown (EUR 1 = 25 crowns; USD 1 = 19 crowns, as of December 1, 2012). Credit cards are widely accepted in shops, but you’ll need cash for many restaurants, cafes and bars. The cheapest way of obtaininglocal currency is often to withdraw cash from an ATM (bankomat in Czech). There are cash machines at the airport and throughout the city. You can spend as much or as little as you want, and we’ll be happy to give you some suggestions about where to go. As a guide, a coffee costs about 50-70 crowns, a beer 30-50 crowns, and a decent meal about 200-300 crowns. Entrance to galleries, museums, clubs, etc. generally costs 100 crowns or less.

Weather / clothing
Prague is normally warm in July, with an average temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius. It's best to check the weather forecast here before you leave. Casual clothes are fine for the course, but you might want to bring something a bit smarter if you're planning an evening at the opera or ballet.

Overall, Prague is a very safe city. But you should be aware that pickpockets operate in the tourist areas, especially on trams and the metro.

Transport from the airport
Taxi – The easiest, but most expensive, way of getting to your accommodation. Expect to pay about 700-800 crowns. 
Public transport – A much cheaper option (costing 32 crowns) is to take public transport. We’ll send you detailed directions well ahead of the course.

Transport in Prague
We’ll provide you with a pass for Prague’s excellent public transport system when you register at the start of the course. The pass is valid on all forms of public transport within the city - metro, trams and buses. And we’ll also give you the phone number for a reliable taxi company.

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To apply to join the course, please complete our online application form or contact Renat Isch if you have any questions.

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