Sponsored Courses

TOL runs a variety of programs in post-communist Europe and Central Asia that include workshops, distance learning, and internships – with two main aims: to offer practical journalism training, and to help participants either improve existing media outlets or set up new ones.

Private Practices: Exploring the Privatization of Education

Transitions, a Prague-based media training organization, is looking for motivated journalists to participate in an intensive, one-month, online program, scheduled to take place from mid-March to mid-April. This course is designed to provide participants with all the skills they need to know to write effectively on one of the most important challenges facing the education sector: privatization. 

Open Courses

TOL's open courses attract participants from all over the world. We specialize in practical training, working with an international  team of respected reporters, editors and new media experts.

Foreign Correspondent Training course, 4-22 January, 2015

A special TOL Foreign Correspondent Course: Tales of Transition

Picture it: 1989, after nearly 30 years of separation, Berlin’s streets are beckoning for change — lasting change. Leaders across the region are cornered by citizens demanding a new direction. Slowly, fresh ideals and hopes surface, regimes crumble, new ones emerge, and people are left wanting more.

Join us this winter in Prague for this special course, where you will critically examine and document this milestone anniversary, 25 years of post-communist transition in Europe. Practice the art of reporting. Be a part of the story telling.

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Breaking into Travel Writing, January 5-9, 2015

Created by one of Central Europe's leading travel writers, this intensive 5-day course will review the major forms of commercial and non-commercial travel writing in today's market. Lectures aim specifically at helping participants to identify the different forms of writing, improve their writing skills, and help them to develop their own careers in travel writing.

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Eka, Georgia
Digital Journalism, October 2011
Henk, The Netherlands
Foreign Correspondent course, July 2011
Maria, Colombia
Foreign Correspondent course, July 2011
Mary, USA
Foreign Correspondent course, July 2011
Ievgenia, Ukraine
Photojournalism course, August 2011
Solana, Canada
Photojournalism course, August 2011
Multimedia Reporting course, January 2011
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