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14 December 2016
Two Stories From a Cosmopolitan Caucasus  Premium
Post-colonial theory has reshaped the ways we read world literatures, but has yet to make its mark on a richly diverse part of Eurasia.
16 May 2014
A Homeless People  Premium
A gripping work of history traces with breadth and compassion the Circassians’ brutal expulsion from the Caucasus.
20 April 2006
On Resistance
A reading of an important new study of North Caucasus history suggests a reappraisal of "Chechen identity" is in order.
16 February 2005
Chechens Through the Russian Prism  Premium
Russia’s leading Chechnya expert has produced a landmark work--but it is a landmark that also shows that Chechens and Russians still cannot hear...
2 August 2010
Chechens Through the Russian Prism  Premium
As a top Chechen rebel bows out, we revisit a landmark work by Russia’s leading expert on Chechnya.
5 May 2004
In Great-Grandfather's Footsteps  Premium
Around 130 years ago, a young man left his home in Slovakia in search of a better life in Britain. On the eve of EU accession, his great-grandson...
24 June 2014
Serbia’s Police Chiefs Get the Boot, Belarus Activist Unexpectedly Freed   Premium
Plus, Lithuania gets a green light to join the euro, and violence erupts in northern Kosovo.
23 June 2014
More Taped Talks Rock Polish Politics, Bosnia’s Ills Complicate Flood Aid   Premium
Also, Hungarian banks face a billion-euro loss on foreign-currency loans and Romania’s first brother is jailed for alleged criminal ties.
19 June 2014
Bosnia Casts Massive Corruption Dragnet, Ukraine Probes Pipeline Blast  Premium
Plus, the Czechs drop their human rights qualms about business with China, and Ukraine’s president wants to liberate detained journalists.
18 June 2014
Washington Slashes Central Asian Security Aid, Croatia Widens Oil and Gas Search  Premium
Plus, Georgians rally against harsh drug laws and a new report details the long hours and low pay of garment workers in the region.
17 June 2014
Police Swoop on Albania’s Drug Capital, Ukraine Refugee Count Rises  Premium
Plus, Georgian Dream sweeps local elections and Poland’s central bank chief faces resignation calls after bad-mouthing his colleagues.
16 June 2014
Russia Shuts off Ukraine’s Gas, Planes Vanish from Central European Radar  Premium
Plus, a crucial gold mine in Kyrygzstan averts a shutdown and Croatia loses a war-crimes judgment.
13 June 2014
Ukraine Braces for Gas Cutoff, IMU Claims Responsibility in Karachi Airport Attack  Premium
Plus, Google and YouTube are blocked in Tajikistan and Romania looks for a big payday in utility sale.
12 June 2014
The Noose Tightens for Democracy in Eurasia, Bulgaria’s Leader Poised to Resign  Premium
Plus, Croatia will try a Hungarian energy exec in absentia and a major Macedonian university launches studies in family values and...
11 June 2014
Gazprom Fined in Lithuania, Prague and Warsaw Deny Ukrainian Mercenary Claims  Premium
Plus, Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci’s opponents spring an ambush and Kazakhstan takes aim at rampant financial crime.
10 June 2014
Ukraine to Open Refugee Corridors, Czechs Warn Albania Over CEZ Affair  Premium
Plus, Turkmenistan is edgy over increasing cross-border militant attacks and a court says Hungary’s controversial Jobbik party is not extremist.
9 June 2014
Ukraine’s President Vows to Sign EU Deal, Few Vote in Kosovo Election  Premium
Plus, Bulgaria stops work on South Stream but says it will ultimately press on, and long sentences are handed out in a Russian journalist’s...
6 June 2014
Bulgarian Government Teetering Over South Stream, Investment in Russia Predicted to Plunge  Premium
Plus, Hungarian media launch an anti-government protest, and Bosnia takes action against prison overcrowding.
5 June 2014
Russia Sends Big Check to Kyrgyzstan, Estonia Probes Corruption in Security Agency  Premium
Plus, rare white lions find a home in Hungary and NATO’s chief tells Russia to accept Georgia’s membership hopes.
4 June 2014
Turkmen Prisoner on Hunger Strike, Ukraine Starts Selling State Assets  Premium
Plus, Mongolia does a U-turn on mining policy and a plane crash reveals extent of Albania’s marijuana exports.
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