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8 June 2018
‘Hungary Is a Post-Truth Laboratory’
In an interview, prominent Hungarian political scientist Peter Kreko talks about fake news, Hungarian-style, the anti-Soros campaign,...
20 April 2011
An Enlightened Education  Premium
A group of schools in Hungary takes a page from a Buddhist crusader to help Roma and others who need it.
17 September 2010
Bankrupt Dreams  Premium
The first book on the economic crisis in Hungary offers an inside look at the country’s financial meltdown.
6 August 2010
Home of the Booze  Premium
TOL audio slide show: A supposedly liberalizing law on private production of Hungary’s national drink hasn’t convinced many home...
23 October 2009
The More Things Change  Premium
The fall of communism meant drastic changes in doctors’ relationships with patients, hospitals, and the state. And much more paperwork.
16 October 2009
Teaching One History, Living Another
In the classroom, the strong hand of the state has given way to the mixed blessings of freedom. A TOL special report. русская версия
9 October 2009
An End to 'Doubleness'  Premium
What does an artist, accustomed to using metaphor and subterfuge under communism, do when the lid comes off?
15 December 2008
Is There a Doctor in the Country?  Premium
Better pay and working conditions abroad are draining Hungary's medical corps.
11 November 2008
Guitar Diplomacy  Premium
Once the coolest ambassador from the former Eastern bloc, Andras Simonyi wants to light a fire under the Hungarian film industry.
6 August 2008
Hard Cases
An alternative high school offers its students an unfamiliar feeling: success.
28 May 2008
Dubious Distinctions  Premium
A taint lies over the young Hungarian democracy’s top cultural and scientific honors, but it may be lifting.
24 March 2008
Where Buildings Talk  Premium
Prague is seen as a leader in accommodating people with visual impairments. But advocates say more can be done.
4 August 2011
In Sofia, Roma Get a Taste of Success  Premium
Health workers offer a package of education, nutrition, and child care, and Roma start to expand their horizons.
18 November 2010
The Hungarian Way of Birth  Premium
The case of Agnes Gereb has her countrymen considering what should be natural and unnatural, legal and illegal, about having a baby. 
9 April 2009
Lifeline to a Lost World  Premium
The people of Hungary’s remote farms once fed a nation. As their numbers dwindle, others try to make sure they are not forgotten.
26 October 2009
Still Comrades After All These Years  Premium
In some corners of the old Iron Curtain, it’s not just frustrated pensioners who still hum the “Internationale.” A TOL special...
1 February 2016
Four Dead in Slovenian Massive Pile-Up  Premium
At least four people died and more than 50 are injured in Slovenia after thick fog causes several collisions on the highway.
15 April 2008
Russia’s Dirty Joke  Premium
The government’s approach to Baltic pollution has environmentalists and other nations wringing their hands.
9 November 2007
Continental Disconnect
Russia may be the ultimate bogeyman in power politics, but the EU’s indecision makes it a close second.
3 October 2007
A History Revealed
A photo exhibit offered the Czech public a rare glimpse of the Roma killed in the Holocaust.
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