5 February 2016
Turkey Rejects Russia’s Claim of Syria Invasion as Smokescreen

Ankara says the Kremlin is trying to divert attention from its own ‘crimes’ including ‘starving’ cities into submission.

5 February 2016
Russian Tanks Would Defeat NATO in Baltics

U.S. military think tank says Russian forces would defeat NATO in less than three days should a war break out in the Baltics region.

4 February 2016
Cyprus Not Tackling Russian Money-Laundering

Recent developments linked to Magnitsky case show failure of Cyprus to trace the roots of Russian money in its banks, says Dutch MP.

4 February 2016
Russian LGBT Activist Convicted Under ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

Sergei Alekseenko, who led a group providing LGBT people legal and psychosocial support, is the fifth person charged under the law.

3 February 2016
Egypt Seeks Russian Investment, Restart of Tourism

Relations hit bottom after the Metrojet catastrophe over Sinai killed 224 people, mostly Russian holidaymakers.

2 February 2016
Russian Magazine Fined After Story on Putin Daughter

The Russian president fiercely guards his family’s privacy, but details about his two daughters keep trickling out.

1 February 2016
German Police Disprove Gang-Rape by Migrants

There is no evidence of a sexual offence against the 13-year-old girl from a Russian-speaking community in Berlin, German prosecutors said.

29 January 2016
Russia, Germany Clash Over ‘Rape’ Case

Berlin warns Moscow not to make political capital of ongoing investigation, decries foreign minister’s talk of a ‘cover-up.’

28 January 2016
Kuril Island ‘Ghost Town’ Coming Back to Life

Russia will build new housing and schools for military personnel on the disputed islands.

27 January 2016
Lenin’s Misguided Policies Helped Destroy USSR, Putin Says

Transfer of Donbas region to Ukraine was ‘nonsense,’ Russian leader says.




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