18 January 2017
Russian Higher-Ups Question Teacher’s ‘Pornography’ Conviction

The video used to convict the young teacher was also evidence in a case she helped bring about.

17 January 2017
Lithuania Plans to Fence Off Russian Exclave

Decision, following similar moves by other Baltic states, comes amid major NATO military buildup in the region.

17 January 2017
Kyiv, Moscow Carry Row to London Courtroom

The two sides will face off at the first hearing in a dispute over $3 billion in unpaid debt.

13 January 2017
Ukraine Bans Russian-language Independent Broadcaster

Presented as a breach of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and advertising laws, the ban was criticized internationally for curtailing media pluralism. 

12 January 2017
Russian Yogi Charged Under Extremism Law

Legislation has been used against Scientologists, Protestants, and other small religious groups.

12 January 2017
The Return of Kremlinology

Whatever the truth about who knew what and about whom, it is clear that the Kremlin sees itself locked in an ideological war. 

By Peter Rutland
10 January 2017
Moscow Lands Second Hard Punch on LinkedIn
Dispute over data storage law underlines rising state control over the Russian internet.
10 January 2017
Cyberattacks Raise Concerns Over Russian Meddling in Montenegro

The small Balkan state could get the green light for NATO entry within weeks, a step Moscow fiercely opposes.

4 January 2017
Tatarstan Balks at Moscow’s Austerity Measures
Federal deficit expected to reach nearly $50 billion this year unless oil price rebounds.
Hasan Huseinov
3 January 2017
An Empire Divided by a Common Language

'Sovietization' by means of Russian was devastating both for the Russian language and other languages across the old USSR, linguist Hasan Huseinov argues.

By Kseniya Turkova



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