30 November 2015
No Quick Fix for Blacked-out Crimea

Russian official concedes that completing an ‘energy bridge’ to the region could still take weeks.

27 November 2015
Embattled Russian NGOs Propose Forming Lobby Group
Labeled ‘foreign agents,’ ‘undesirable,’ and threatened with closure, pressure groups mull creating a union to protect their common interests.

26 November 2015
Russian Pilot: Turkish Jets Fired Without Warning
Russia slaps restrictions on agricultural imports in first concrete action against Ankara.
25 November 2015
Russia Halts Gas Supplies to Ukraine
Moscow cut gas supplies to Kyiv for nonpayment, may halt coal deliveries over Crimea blackout.

25 November 2015
Putin Threatens Repercussions for Turkey’s Downing of Russian Jet
Syrian Turkmen fighters, a Turkey-backed rebel group in Syria, claim they shot Russian pilots as they descended by parachute.
24 November 2015
Russia’s Supreme Court to Hear Ukrainian Filmmaker’s Appeal

Lawyer for Crimea native Oleg Sentsov, jailed for 20 years on terrorism charges, hopes for reduced sentence.

23 November 2015
Russians Offered Black Gold to Lose Weight
The move is part of a regional government's push to raise awareness of the problem of obesity.
20 November 2015
Russian Budget Airline Takes to the Skies Over Europe
Pobeda’s first international destinations are Bratislava and Vienna, but other service could follow soon.
20 November 2015
Russian Lawmakers Call for Tough Anti-terrorism Measures
Tighter border controls are also up for debate.
20 November 2015
In Space, Diamonds Are Not Forever
A Soviet-era weapon designed to protect orbiting spies is revealed on Russian TV.



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