6 October 2015
Low Oil Prices Push Russian Budget Toward the Red

Despite talk of an oil producers’ pow-wow, Moscow seen as unlikely to join OPEC.

Russia attacks on SyriaRussia attacks on Syria
6 October 2015
Russian Violation of Turkish Airspace ‘No Accident’: NATO
Analysts warn of Islamist backlash in the Russian homeland.
5 October 2015
Kyiv: Stopping Rebel Elections Next Step in Ukraine ‘Truce’

Following military pullback from front lines, Putin promises to ask pro-Russian rebels to cancel elections, Poroshenko says.


2 October 2015
Western ‘Information War’ Moves From Ukraine to Syria, Russia Says

Ukraine enjoys a quiet spell as leaders gather in Paris to consolidate the peace process.

2 October 2015
Bankruptcy Law Opens Escape Route for Russian Debtors

Borrowers in painful squeeze as Russian economy shrinks, the ruble weakens, and prices rise.

2 October 2015
Ukraine, Russia Sign Winter Gas Deal
After months of EU-mediated talks, price for gas from Russia’s Gazprom is set.
1 October 2015
Russia Launches Airstrikes in Syria

Syrian opposition says attacks targeted them, not Islamic State as Moscow claims.


30 September 2015
‘Russian Soldiers’ on Trial in Ukraine
Foreign military intelligence officers’ hearing coincides with Ukrainian pilot’s trial resuming in Russia.

29 September 2015
Kurdish Family’s Story Highlights Plight of Refugee Air Travelers

A family from Iraqi Kurdistan has been camped out in a Moscow airport for almost three weeks.

29 September 2015
Russian Rights Activist Awarded Vaclav Havel Prize

Ludmilla Alexeeva, founding member of Russia’s oldest human rights group, is still campaigning for change at age 88.




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