30 August 2016
What’s So Ethical About Mining for Mammoth Tusks?

The rush for the ‘white gold’ of Siberia is devastating fragile landscapes and furthering the illegal trade in elephant ivory.

30 August 2016
Investigating the RuNet: A How-to Guide

Bellingcat’s Aric Toler explains how investigating sources, images and stories from Russia and Eastern Europe can be challenging without the required tools. From

By Aric Toler
Moscow fire 27.8.16
29 August 2016
Russia Opens Probe of Moscow Fire Tragedy

Deaths of 14 Kyrgyzstani migrants underline the often hard conditions that Central Asian workers face.


25 August 2016
Norway is Shutting The Door on The ‘Arctic Route’

The Scandinavian country comes under fire for plans to build a new fence to deter migrants on a border crossing with Russia.

25 August 2016
Smugglers Renovate Road on Russia-Belarus Border

Locals thankful for road renovations, which unknown smugglers undertook to enable traffic for trucks loaded with contraband EU fruit. 

25 August 2016
Soviet Superheroes Save The Day in Russian Blockbuster

Set in the Cold War era, the movie features a team of mutant heroes from different Soviet republics fighting against a nasty villain.

23 August 2016
Russia’s Donbas ‘Buildup’: Threat or Bargaining Chip?

Ukrainian leader warns of possible Russian invasion, while the Pentagon tries to inject a note of realism into increasingly tense debate.

19 August 2016
Report Claims Widespread Female Mutilation in Dagestan

Caucasus mufti, controversial Orthodox priest defend female genital mutilation, saying it eliminates ‘depravity.’

16 August 2016
Putin's New Chief of Staff Turns Out to Be Multi-Talented

Otherwise a rather faceless official, Anton Vaino is gaining fame for his odd “scientific” inquiries.

12 August 2016
Controversial Russian Anti-Terrorism Law Hits First Target

Krishna follower faces sanctions for speaking to passers-by and handing out religious books.




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