21 July 2016
Monumental Dispute Over Ivan the Terrible Statue

Plans to build a statue of the controversial 16th-century tsar draw the ire of residents.

20 July 2016
Top Russian Crime Fighters Suspected of Mob Ties

Investigative Committee officials allegedly took bribes, arranged release of notorious crime figure.

19 July 2016
Russian Heads Roll in Doping Scandal

Allegations of state-sponsored doping during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics might lead to Rio Games ban.

19 July 2016
With Blinders On

Russia’s privileged young millennials are savvy and sophisticated but also disillusioned, paranoid, and politically apathetic.

18 July 2016
Impending Pokemon Release in Russia Triggers Panic Among Some
Russian conservatives fear that players might become spies for the CIA.
15 July 2016
Russian Land Rush Off to Slow Start
Critics say the plots of land available free to citizens are too small to sustain a farm or other venture.
12 July 2016
Still a Mystery: The Tunguska Explosion

Most scientists believe that “the most powerful explosion in documented history,” as the BBC put it, was caused by a meteor or a comet. All agree it left part of Siberia a wasteland.  

11 July 2016
NATO Leaders Agree to Boost Presence in Poland, Baltics

Thousands of troops to be deployed in Eastern Europe, in the most decisive move to counter Russia since the end of the Cold War.

11 July 2016
‘No Divorce’ for a Day in Russian Region

Residents of north-western Novgorod were encouraged to rethink splitting up on the annual day of “Family, Love, and Faithfulness.”

8 July 2016
Putin Signs Anti-Terror Law, Drawing Sharp Criticism

The controversial “Yarovaya’s Bill” will have far-reaching effects on the Russian population. 




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