7 December 2016
Ordinary Russians Might Get a Taste of Kremlin Delicacies

Planned online shop will feature dairy products previously only available to the political elite.

6 December 2016
Suicide Artists

Russian journalists continue to die under suspicious circumstances both in and out of their country, while the world watches.

By Peter Gross
6 December 2016
Praise and Derision for Russian Banker’s PR Stunt

Sberbank chief's Robocop-like appearance fuels buzz on the huge gap between the privileged and ordinary people.

6 December 2016
Kremlin’s New Cybersecurity Bible Targets Foreign Threats

Russia needs to keep pace with rest of world in IT and set up a national internet control system, Putin says.

2 December 2016
Ukrainians Plan Cyberattack on Russian Banks, FSB Warns

As tensions between Russia and the West grow, each side prepares for cyberattacks and foreign spy games.

2 December 2016
Trainspotting Texts Land Two Russian Women in Prison

Latest trial ended with conviction on espionage and treason charges for text message about Russian military transport.

30 November 2016
German Spy Chief Warns of Russian Cyberattack Risk

Foreign hackers could spread disinformation to muddy the political waters as electioneering picks up ahead of crucial elections.

29 November 2016
A Russian Great Firewall Nears?
Moscow increasingly turning to China for help with policing the internet.
29 November 2016
The Body Politic

Are recent intrusions from Russian authorities into issues of private choice part of ‘biopolitical’ approach or just run-of-the-mill, moral posturing?

By Alevtina Kuzmenkova
28 November 2016
Dancing With the Yellow Star

The wife of Vladimir Putin’s top spokesman has the internet up in arms over a Holocaust-themed ice dance.




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