27 May 2020
Kremlin Expands Online Voting Possibilities Amid COVID-19 Fears

Moscow takes its latest step towards digitizing elections. From Global Voices.

By Maxim Edwards
5 May 2020
Keep an Eye on the East

As invisible foreign invaders spark panic around the globe, it’s easy for democrats to get distracted from the all-too-human threats we know so well.

By Martin Ehl
1 May 2020
Trapped: Millions of Migrant Workers Struggle Through Russian Quarantine
Migrant workers in Russia can’t leave, and they can’t work. They’re penalized for staying and harassed by the police. They have a higher chance of being killed by COVID-19. From Novaya Gazeta.
29 April 2020
History Matters Premium

Amid the pandemic, Russia, China, and others find time to debate the timing of the beginning and end of World War II and other details of years long past.

By Peter Rutland
28 April 2020
Russians Under Lockdown (Re)Create Famous Artworks Online

The Izoizolyatsiya Facebook group has become a national obsession. From Global Voices.

By Sasha Shapiro
21 April 2020
Russians Launch Mass Virtual Protests Using Satnav Application

A wave of "digital protests" strikes a country under lockdown. From Global Voices.

By Maxim Edwards
16 April 2020
Russia’s Hacker Generation

Many Russian-speaking coders grew up in the ’90s, honing skills that made them sought-after personnel in fields from business to espionage.

By Vladimir Kozlov
16 March 2020
What’s Behind Russia’s Left-Wing Turn?

As Putin extends his rule once again, the need for social democracy in Russia has never been clearer. From openDemocracy.

By Kirill Medvedev
16 March 2020
Putin, Forever Premium
The Russian president remains as inscrutable as ever.
By Peter Rutland
18 February 2020
Groundbreaking Film on Russia's HIV Epidemic Goes Viral

Nearly 13 million Russians have now watched Yury Dud's new YouTube documentary. From Global Voices.

By Filip Noubel


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