18 January 2017
How to Save Armenfilm

A group of young people have united around the idea of reviving Armenia’s once renowned but now run-down studio, but it won’t be easy. 

By JAMnews
5 January 2017
Boosting Female Presence in the Armenian Military

Going against established gender roles, the Armenian army's initiative to include women in its ranks proved a success. From 

By Emil Danielyan
30 November 2016
The Armenians of Aleppo

As the crisis in Syria continues to escalate, thousands of Syrian Armenians have been seeking shelter in their historical motherland. 

30 November 2016
Moscow, Yerevan Deepen Military Cooperation Premium

Agreement marks latest Kremlin move to boost its military presence in the restive South Caucasus.

8 October 2016
Double Discrimination
Despite high rates of social stigma, and reduced access to education, disabled Armenian girls and women are striving for a better life.
8 September 2016
Armenian Premier Steps Down Premium

Analysts say the economic slowdown, worsening relations with Azerbaijan, and rising domestic discontent are putting the government under severe pressure to reform.


12 August 2016
Armenia’s Crisis and the Legacy of Victory Premium

More than 20 years after it ended, Armenia is still experiencing the burden of victory in the war over Nagorno Karabakh. From openDemocracy.

By Tom de Waal
1 August 2016
Two-Week Yerevan Police Standoff Ends Premium

The armed group that took over a Yerevan police station has surrendered.

27 July 2016
Five Wounded in Gunfight at Besieged Yerevan Police Station Premium
Two gunmen surrender after overnight clash; four medics taken hostage amid continued demonstrations supporting the siege.
21 July 2016
Hostage Standoff in Armenia Turns Violent Premium

At least 45 injured as protestors attack riot police.




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