23 November 2015
Balkan Migration Policies Under Fire
Amnesty and three UN agencies blast new measures in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia aimed at restricting refugees.
19 November 2015
Balkan States Restricting Passage to Migrants from War-Torn Countries
Only migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are being allowed passage through several Balkan states, media reports say.
18 November 2015
Kosovan Nationalists Escalate Fight Against Serbian Deal

Constitutional court has suspended controversial pact giving Serb minority greater autonomy.


17 November 2015
Freedom from Expression
Balkan EU hopefuls failing to ensure freedom of expression, the European Commission says.
By Tihomir Loza
17 November 2015
Paris Attacker May Have Taken Balkan Refugee Trail
Arrest in Serbia underscores how false Syrian passports could hamper identification of suspected terrorists.
13 November 2015
Serbia Giving $5.4m to Srebrenica
Bosnian town where 8,000 Muslims were massacred should become ‘bridge of cooperation,’ Serbia’s premier says.
12 November 2015
Breakthrough Game for Serbian Basketballer
Red Star Belgrade player’s career appeared doomed after accident led to an amputation.
9 November 2015
Kosovo Loses Bid to Join UNESCO

Belgrade had argued that Pristina would not protect Serbian religious and cultural sites.

5 November 2015
Serbian and Bosnia Leaders Hold First Postwar Meeting
Aimed at boosting regional cooperation, the talks come amid concerns the migrant crisis could ignite a new Balkan conflict.
4 November 2015
Serbian Church Leader Threatens ‘Force’ if Kosovo Joins UN Body

Belgrade fears Pristina would fail to protect Orthodox religious sites if admitted to UNESCO.




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