1 October 2015
Serbia Objects to Kosovo’s Presence at UN Terrorism Talks

President Tomislav Nikolic calls on UN to reject Pristina’s UNESCO membership bid.

30 September 2015
German Gov’t Wants Balkan States Declared 'Safe Countries'

Some 40 percent of asylum applications to Germany this year are from Western Balkans. 

25 September 2015
Hungary Mulls Migrant 'Corridor,' Legal Action Over Quotas

Top aide says government may let migrants arriving from Croatia pass through its territory.

24 September 2015
Western Balkans, My Love

Serbia’s prime minister wants to be the engine of regional reconciliation. But is that possible for the ex-hardcore nationalist?

By Uffe Andersen
24 September 2015
Croatia-Serbia Trade Bans, Barbs Over Migrants

Tit-for-tat border row escalates as Zagreb reportedly one-ups Belgrade’s ban on Croatian cargo and goods.

17 September 2015
Police Clash with Migrants at Croatia, Hungary Borders with Serbia
Use of tear gas, water cannon at Serbian border ‘unacceptable,’ says Ban-Ki Moon.
16 September 2015
Is Croatia Europe’s Next Migration Flashpoint?

Illegal entries to Hungary plunge as border fence and harsh new laws divert migrants.

11 September 2015
Eight Charged in Historic Serbian Ruling on Srebrenica
Former Bosnian Serb special police accused by war crimes prosecutors.
10 September 2015
Stabbing of Serb in Kosovo Stirs Tensions in Wake of Autonomy Deal
Serbian Government Office condemns ‘atmosphere of lynching’ and Pristina’s ‘inaction.’
3 September 2015
Russia, Belarus and Serbia Stage Anti-Protestor "Slavic Brotherhood" Drills
The countries’ airborne forces will work on preventing anti-government 'Maidan'-style riots.



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