2 February 2016
Serbian Defense Minister Sacked for Sexist Remark

Bratislav Gasic has refused to step down despite outcry over his remark to a female reporter.

13 January 2016
Vucic Cautions Zagreb Against Balkans Arms Race

‘I do not know why anyone in our region would have ballistic missiles,’ Serbian leader says.

12 January 2016
Steven Seagal is Now Serbian

The Hollywood action hero, who has also described himself as “Russian,” will open a martial arts school in his “new homeland” of Serbia.

16 December 2015
‘Secret Source of Milosevic’s Power’ Faces New Trial

UN tribunal overturns acquittals of Jovica Stanisic and an intelligence chief over 1990s atrocities.

8 December 2015
Sacked Serbian Minister Retracts Sexist Remark
Bratislav Gasic was dismissed over his comment to a journalist.
4 December 2015
Serbia Calls on Steven Seagal
Martial arts master, Hollywood action hero and self-described Russian Mongol asked to train Serbian special police.
2 December 2015
Tabloids, Lie Detectors and Videotape Affair Grips Belgrade
Popular daily accuses Serbia’s premier of trying to blackmail its owner.
23 November 2015
Balkan Migration Policies Under Fire
Amnesty and three UN agencies blast new measures in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia aimed at restricting refugees.
19 November 2015
Balkan States Restricting Passage to Migrants from War-Torn Countries
Only migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are being allowed passage through several Balkan states, media reports say.
18 November 2015
Kosovan Nationalists Escalate Fight Against Serbian Deal

Constitutional court has suspended controversial pact giving Serb minority greater autonomy.




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