30 January 2017
Slovenia Can Now Legally Seal Border to Refugees Premium

Move by Ljubljana could send negative ripple effects throughout the region, human rights advocates and international bodies warn. 

25 January 2017
The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017 Hails From Slovenia

Despite the country's legacy of bland communist cuisine, and her own lack of prior culinary experience, Ana Ros earned a place at the top of the gastronomical world with her creativity and locally sourced ingredients.

2 December 2016
Slovenia Basks in Melania Trump’s Reflected Glow Premium

Local businesses cautioned not to abuse the future first lady’s name and image.

3 November 2016
Kudos for Small, Pristine Slovenia Premium

Adriatic nation takes top spot as most environmentally friendly country in a new global ranking.

5 September 2016
Ljubljana Offers Nights Behind Bars for Thrill-Seeking Tourists Premium

An old military prison turned youth hostel lets visitors spend the night in artistically renovated cells, complete with prison bars on windows and doors.

2 August 2016
Putin Visits Slovenia, Unveils Monument to Russian Troops Premium

Some diplomats see the trip as part of Moscow’s search for friends within the EU to undermine sanctions over the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

8 July 2016
European Central Bank Enraged by Police Raid in Slovenia’s Central Bank Premium

ECB President Mario Draghi lodges protest over seizure of sensitive ECB data as part of a pre-criminal investigation.

4 July 2016
Border Disputes Pit Balkan States Against Each Other Premium

Kosovo opposition MPs question a demarcation agreement with Montenegro, and the Slovenian foreign minister resigns over a row with Croatia.

15 March 2016
Bay of Piran Dispute Brings Croatia, Slovenia Back to Court Premium

Arbitration process hit a major snag last year when Slovenia’s attempt to influence the case was revealed.

1 March 2016
Rare Slovenian Cave Dweller Expects Offspring Premium

The pink salamander’s reproductive habits have captivated scientists and Postojna Cave tourists.




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